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Princess, Susan and Me

Today we were supposed to get up at 5am to go to the offering of the arms at one of the buddist temples, but due to our late night chat with Marc, and Susan's alarm not going off, oh and the several attempts of Matt banging on our door, we missed it! Eventually waking up at 6.30am we were then hit with the realisation the we had in fact missed it and we very disappointed by this, but eventually got over it when the lovely sound of "Sabai dee" at our door meant that our breakfast was now being served on our deck.

Later that morning at 9am we met the rest of the group for our tour to the Ethnology Centre, where we were taught about the different tribes in Lao.

After the center we were taken back to the hotel to finish packing as we were leaving Luang Prabang today and flying to Vientiane. The plane was awful and worse still I got stuck next to Esra. We had to sit on the wing of the plane and it was so loud and vibrated so much that I was glad it was only a short flight. When we arrived we boarded our bus and were on our way to the guest house. After checking in to my own room this time, we went and looked at Phat Tham and Paxtai. I'd already seen both of these places but was still happy to go along for the ride.

Later that night we went for dinner t Khop Chai, where we met an Aussie twat and his physco Polish wife. They we both drunk and were getting abusive when discussing certain things.

I was glad when we decided to go upstairs and have dinner. After dinner and may cocktails and Beer Lao we weren't quite ready to go to bed so we decided to check out the local night club scene, so Matt took us to one of the hotels (cant remember which one now) which was located on the river. Once getting there our bags were checked and I ended up losing everyone as I met these two girls from Edinburgh who had just come back from Perth, but then soon found the group again at the bar. The night club reminded me of a club from the 80s, not that I went to a club in the 80s as I was still only a kid but the green laser beams were just so old school. At about 3am the lights then came on an all the locals were kicked out but us foreigners were left to continue drinking. We stayed not long after that and then headed home.

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Princess, Susan and Me
Princess, Susan and Me
photo by: skydiver