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(Note: This entry might be a little less interesting for people who don't like running)

So, after a day with lots of walking it was time to do some running. I had a real good rest and felt very good! But the running was only at 1.30 PM so we still had some time. First we walked to the Bislett Stadium to get or startnumber. It was very quite there and for a moment we thought we were at the wrong place. Then, suddenly, from nowhere there was this guy who told us where to go. So we went into the stadium, got our number and a t-shirt and walked back home. Outside the stadium there was a woman telling people where to go, but she wasn't there for sure when we were looking!

Back home we just waited a little, I did some homework again and at 12 o'clock we left Diego's place.

We walked to Radhusgata were the start was. We just walked around there a little and then went to the finish area to see the winner of the whole marathon finishing. After that we started our warming up and about 15 minutes later we went to the start area. We could find a pretty good place in front of the crowd (like in the 10th line or something). Then after 5 minuten they blew a horn and we could start!

I had a nice pace right from the beginning and I had enought space to run. I ran my first kilometer in 4.12 which is pretty nice, because I always start to fast. With a planned endtime of 1.26.30 I should run my kilometers in 4.06 so I should run a little faster. But at 2 kilometers I came throught in 8 minutes exact so I ran my second kilometer in 3.

48, which confused me a little. I just continued my pace and ran my third and fourth kilometer in 4 minutes flat. During these kilometers I had a woman running next to me, she asked me something but I didn't understood it (propably Norwegian). So I asked her if she spoke any English, but she only replied with: '1.24?'. 'No, 1.27' I answered. At that moment she was right, because we ran at a 1.24 pace, so I slowed down a little. At least that's what I tried because I ran my fifth kilometer in 3.40, now that really confused my. From that moment I decided not the check my watch again, only at 10 and 15 kilometer. Meanwhile I tried to put down my pace a little because the course was not as easy as expected and I still had a long way to go. I sometimes ran in a group but often lost contact while running uphill.
Most of the time I could hook up again downhill and so we ran those kilometers on a pretty nice pace. I missed the 10 kilometer point so I couldn't check my time, so I had to wait for the 15 kilometer point. I reached that point in 1.01.15 (which is also a personal best on that distance, but I don't count this one), which was even 15 seconds below my planned pace. At that moment I didn't even felt very bad, but that's mostly because the last 2 kilometers where pretty much downhill. After 15 kilometers the course went uphill again and my energy started to disappear (propably also because I drank way to less, which was very stupid). At 18 kilometers I kinda crashed and had a pretty bad time till like kilometer 20. From that moment I could finally make a little speed again and finally I reached the endpoint in 1.28.35. In the last 6 kilometers I lost more then 2 minutes, which isn't very good. But taking the course in account I'm very satisfied with my race, I really enjoyed it and also improved my personal best with more then 3,5 minutes! Arjen finished in 1.32.31 and was also very satisfied. He had the same problem, after 18 kilometers no more energy and just surviving. I also have a few photos, but the quality is very bad. You have to pay (in my opinion a lot) to get the photos in full format, something I'm not planning to do.

After the race we went home and took a shower and some rest. Then we walked to the SAS Scandinavia tower from where you can have a great view of Oslo. We also took a drink there (finally a beer, which tasted so great!) with Diego and the Romanian girl. After some chilling in the tower we went to a place to get a pizza! We did some nice talking there again to get to know each other a little more. We then went home again and felt asleep very quickly! The weekend is already over, but we still had one day left in Oslo, you can read about that in the next entry.

Natalia_19 says:
Congratulations! :)
Posted on: Oct 03, 2008
ejames01 says:
Great job Stefan!!
Posted on: Oct 02, 2008
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