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Have just spent the last few days chilling in Langkawi. I have decided after much debate and inner contemplation, not to go to Thailand. I was faced with a simple choice, try and get to the three major islands and then on to Bangkok in just 8 or 9 days, or, head back into Malaysia and hit both Taman Negara and Tioman.

Langkawi has been brilliant, a place to relax and enjoy life passing by. I ended up meeting a girl from Germany on the ferry on the way there called Litiana, and a guy called Lewis from the UK. Later, once at the hostel I met a girl from holland called Mallus. I literally spent the rest of the first day and the next doing nothing, as when ever we decided to do something it rained, so we just sat about chatting and watching films. Although I did go to the beach once.

On the 28th something strange happened, I got up early and actually did something. I went island hopping with Litiana, as Lewis didn't fancy coming. This only took a few hours, but we visited the lake just south of the island, saw about 100 odd eagles feeding and visited a really beautiful remote beach. After this we met up with Lewis and another guy and hired a car to drive around the Island. Deciding that this was not enough I decided to go out with a load of Canadians I met and accidentally got a little hammered. My original plan to leave the next day fell through and I spent that day nursing my wounds and feeling sorry for myself.

I headed off to Taman Negara the following day. I left the hostel at 10am and ended up getting a night bus leaving at 6pm. At 4am I arrived, took a taxi and then waited till 2pm before I could get a boat to Taman Negara. All this with no battery left in my MP3 player and only one book that I finished reading 30 minutes into the journey. 

Oh and a little additional note about the monkey in the hostel...

...There was this little female monkey who was all on her own as her two male monkey companions had only recently passed away. Upon greeting her I could see she was really lonely so I thought she could do with some attention. Using my knowledge gained from documetaries I remembered that monkeys find grooming a very social activity, therefore I started to groom her. After about 5 minutes of doing this she surprised me by turning round and starting to groom my leg hairs. Delighted by my Dr Doolittle esque success I wandered off again. The real surprise was that from then on whenever I walked near her, she would bound over and start to groom my legs. - Not really too relevent to my travels, but I thought it was quite a nice little episode to write about.

livelovelaugh87 says:
haha fantastic monkey story!
Posted on: Nov 14, 2009
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