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Water Fall

March 21st

Before getting bus this morning I quickly popped up the Petronas Twin Towers for a sneaky gander. You can go on a little tour to the sky bridge which is just shy of halfway up the two towers. Unfortunatly I forgot my camera. But I can assure you the views were very impressive.

After this I headed to the bus station for my bus to the Cameron Highlands. After getting a little bit lost and trapesing around for a little while tying to find where the bus was actually gonna pick me up I sat down for a rest to catch my breath. Glancing around my eyes rest on this cute brunette wandering up the street, after about 2 or 3 seconds of trying to figure out why this girl looks so familiar, I realise that it is none other than our very own Rachael Brown.

Simon, Eva and Alex (left to right)
After receiving an enthusiastic but horribly sweaty hug from me I find out that she is on a tour down from Bangkok to Singapore. Unfortunatly she had to rush off, but the randomness of that meeting still brings a smile to my face!

Got on the bus and headed off from KL. Met a guy called Simon on the bus and after a failed attempt to get a couple of beds at Fathers guesthouse, we head off to Daniels, which I must admit was pretty cool. In the afternoon we got chatting to a load of other travellers and this Welsh lady started telling us about this jungle walk she did. Bearing in mind the cheapest jungle tour we could find was 40 ringet a few of us took some advice and decided we would attempt the same thing the following day.

March 22nd

Me, Simon, Eva and Alex (two girls from UK who were up for the jungle trek) headed off on our little adventure.

View from the top
The lady had warned us that it took 2 hours to reach the summit, so with gusto we attacked the climb to the top of the mountain. However we reached the summit in about 50 minutes. So feeling pretty confident that we would get the whole hike over and done with within 2 hours, we start our decent down a different path. However what we took to be path 7, turned out to be path 7.5 as it wasn't really a path at all, and it ended up at some fallen logs teetering on the edge of a pretty impressive and impassable fall. At this point we had been decending for about 40 minutes and we were forced to retrace our steps. Upon gainig the summit for the 2nd time we attepted to find the correct path. With the time creeping towards 3 o'clock, which was the predicted time for rain, and no obvious sign of path 7 we addmitted defeat and headed back down path 8 (the path we had climed up). A bear 10 minutes after trudging back into the shelter of our hostel, the clouds burst asunder and torrential rain flowed for the next few hours.

But this is still only 3 o'clock, what did you do with the rest of the day, I hear you ask. Well don't worry I used the time productivly and settled down to watch Herbie Fully Loaded followed by King Kong!

To finish off the day it was the daughter of one of the owner's 6th birthday and we were all invited to her party. We had free food, wierd gelatinous pudding and cake. It was wicked! Following this we wandered to the pub and by the end of the evening we had found out that we were not the only ones to have been fooled by the mountain, some fellow travellers had spoken to the lady the same night and had tried and failed, like us to find the mythical trail 7!

Oh and met another traveller called Mike who had turned up just too late for cake, he was gutted, we could all tell, it was written all over his face.

March 23rd

Decided to head off to the Boh tree plantation today. Me, Mike, Simon and this NZ girl got the bus and then walked for around 45 minutes to the tea factory. After a 5 minute tour of the factory, which was actually conducted at a lkiesurly pace as the factory consisted of 3 rooms, we headed off to the tea room to sample the local produce. Shortly after finishing my third variety of tea it was decided that we better head back. After a few grumbles of complaint we were finally convinced that 3 hours of sitting drinking tea and chatting in beautiful surroundings was more than sufficient. and so headed back. Unfortunatly I forgot my camera again. I'm really good at that!

That evening, me, Simon, Mike, Eva and Alex sat down for a little ring of fire and then headed to the bar and had a few games of pool with Gavin, Maria, Dermot and Dermot's girlfriend. I ended up hitting the sack at 4am.

March 24th

I am hung over, it is raining and Eva and Alex are going to Penang like me, easier to go with them as then do not have to think. Had a burger, life was better for a while. Then sat and waited for bus in dark room.

Got to Penang around 11.30. Despite having rang ahead and booked a bed in the hostel, the place was full, so slept on a mattress on the floor.



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Water Fall
Water Fall
Simon, Eva and Alex (left to right)
Simon, Eva and Alex (left to right)
View from the top
View from the top
Cameron Highlands
photo by: forevert2