Left Milan and headed for Lake Como, but we ended up in Switzerland

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My one and only photo of Switzerland while at the train station waiting to go back to Italy!

My friend set her cell phone to wake us up in the morning so we can get ready and leave to go meet our tour group in Lake Como. Well she messed up the time and we get a call from the hotel saying we have 20 minutes to get out. So we rushed and got ready and left. Well we didn't know about buying our bus tickets prior to getting on the bus.....so of course we were each fined 33 Euro. I had read a ton of posts about the train and to make sure you validate your ticket which I did that and knew about that...but some how missed posts about the bus. So like many others I felt very annoyed and taken advantage of for being a tourist in Italy. On a bus with our bags we went maybe 4 blocks and it cost us 33 Euro each.

Our much LARGER room in Lake Como!
And they brought 6 police on the bus like we were robbing the place. It was crazy.

SO BE WARNED!! Buy your bus tickets before getting onto the bus!! And as I had read in other posts VALIDATE your train ticket.

Well here is the part where we ended up in Switzerland. I had been getting the train tickets for my friends and I up to this point. So I told my friend it's her turn to trying figuring it out for us. So I watched the luggage why she went and got tickets. All was going well. Well either she didn't hear the guy or he didn't tell her that we were supposed to get off and transfer trains. So we kept going and going. Soon her cell phone sends her a text message telling her "Welcome to Switzerland" Haha.

So we got off the next stop and asked the guy if we were on the right train. He didn't speak English so we showed him on paper the place we were trying to get to. He said “Si” and pointed to our train. Ok so we get back on that train. And we ride for about an hour. Then a guy comes by to check tickets ....we hand him ours which say Italy. His reply "but you are in Switzerland, you need a ticket for Switzerland this is for Italy".  Haha. Thank god the guy from Switzerland was much nicer than the "bus" cops in Milan (and spoke English and cared to listen about my story and the how it all happened) and didn't fine us nor make us pay for the ride we had in switzerland. He said we can get off at the next stop then get a ticket back and was very nice and helpfull. The first time we experienced that our entire trip.

To be honest we were almost starting to regret choosing Italy for our trip and were wishing we booked Switzerland instead. (but keep reading that turns around and in the end I did come to love Italy!)

So we get to the next station in Switzerland and we really wanted to walk around and explore now that we are here. But the day we were having we knew not to try it. We had to check in to the hotel by 6:30PM and it was already really late and we had about 2 hours of back tracking. And the next train was leaving in 8 minutes or the next one after that wasn't until 5pm.

So we bought a ticket back to Italy I got one picture of Switzerland and Swiss Francs I can not use and headed back to Italy! At least we have a story now right! I do intend on going back sometime in my life. Just from the five minutes I saw of it and the few people I talked to, it seems like a great place to travel to.

Well we made it to our hotel around 6:15PM (Como Hotel) good thing we didn't roam around Switzerland!

We hadn't eaten all day and were starving after traveling from noon-6:15pm. However no restaurants are open in Lake Como until 7:30pm. We went walking around trying to find anything. Finally we found a little pizza place that was open at 7PM however due to eating there we missed our meeting with our tour to see who we would be traveling with.

We found our tour director (we went through Cosmos) Andrea and the driver Yuri. Whom in the end we became good friends with. But we got the info about what is coming up and what to expect then went back to the hotel room to unwind a bit and only image what was going to happen to us next.

motacek2 says:
Thats awesome!!!!!
Posted on: Oct 18, 2008
AME079 says:
It was fun and a great story! I wish we had some time to stay in Switzerland..but I know I will be back. I do have Swiss Franc waiting to be used afterall! Haha
Posted on: Oct 05, 2008
yheleen says:
I agree.. you sure had fun...and Switzerland at that ;)
Posted on: Oct 05, 2008
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My one and only photo of Switzerla…
My one and only photo of Switzerl…
Our much LARGER room in Lake Como!
Our much LARGER room in Lake Como!
Lake Como
photo by: shell3737