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Well we had to get up pretty early to head out on the road again. After driving for a bit we arrived at Lucca. Which was a great small quaint sweet town!! The people were very friendly and sweet. There was a big market where you could buy just about everything. We split up and explored the town. I got somehow got split from the girls so I just walked around on my own, taking pictures of the Cathedrals, churches, fountains, anything I found. I met up with this great couple from our tour group Ernie and Divi. They are great. So I finished exploring the town with them.

We were only there for about 2 hours then had to meet back up with the tour group to drive to Pisa!!!

We finally arrived at Pisa. Where the bus lets us off at is kind of far from Pisa. So there are little "train" it is on wheels but the front is made to resemble a train. They were very cute. It was 3 Euro for the ride. So we too the train in then walked through the walls to the Square of Miracles. Then behold infront of us was PISA. It's just one of those things you see all your life in photos and movies that to see it in person know you made it there ...words just can't explain it.

So we split up with the tour again and went exploring. Of course we had to do the cheesy "I am holding up Pisa" touristy pose. How can you not??? It's a must, I think. And its funny to see this whole line of people all posed the same way with their hands in the air holding up nothing! Haha. We then walked around and took pics of the building and surroundings. We then grabbed a quick bite to eat then went and hit up the many flea markets and shops. That's all that is really in Pisa. I don't think anyone should skip it because I think you have to see Pisa at least once. But don't plan on spending too much time in the town. That's pretty much all there is to see!

So after the two hours we boarded the bus again for a very very very long ride to Rome. It seemed like it was going to take forever. We had one stop for a potty break and to stretch. Another Autogrill. We walked around a bit then boarded the bus again and finally arrived to our hotel in Rome about 7pm.

We stayed at Fleming Hotel. The hotel was pretty nice. The room was normal. The beds were pretty comfortable. However there was only one outlet. Which the TV was plugged into. So when I charged my camera we had no TV.

Which we didn't really watch TV while we were there. However when we were either getting ready to go out at night or in the morning we would have the video channel on. So we would have music in the background. And some hotels we got CNN so we would watch that off and on to hear what was going on back in the states. Until we woke up one morning turned it on and I hear "The US Economy fell hard over night it crumbled!" Nice. That is when Oil shot up 16% the dollar fell big time and you know the rest I am sure. After that we stuck to videos haha!

So we were pretty tired from the long ride. One of the girls and I just went to a little shop across the street from the hotel and ate a sandwhich. I went back to the hotel to take a shower and go to bed when I went to take a shower I found it was completely dirty. There was hair all over it (and neither I nor my friend had been in the shower yet) it was nasty. I was so mad. So I cleaned the shower (I knew the hotel wouldn't send a maid up at 9PM). So after my shower I wrote out some post cards then went to bed. Our hotel was very far from the city center so I knew we had to get up very early in the morning.

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photo by: asturjimmy