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The David (replica)


Well today was the first day of rain we had ...and luckly our only day. The entire trip we were lucky to have had great sunny warm weather. So I will take the one rainy day!

We first met up with a local guide of Florence who walked us around Piazza Santa Croce, Piazza Del Duomo and its cathedral with the Giotto Campanile, Piazza Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, Loggia Dei Lanzi.  She told us of the history of Florence and the many floods they have had. We then went to a leather factory (which Florence is known for their leather work). They showed a demonstration, but it was very short. They basically took a roll of gold (That kind of looked like gold on Scotched Tape Rolls) and took a tool made of iron heated it and melted the gold onto the leather.

The work done there and their products were very very nice. But again way to much for me to afford. So we just looked around at the purses and jackets wishing we could own them.

We then went and met up with the tour guide again and went to the Uffize Gallery. Which was another optional excursions. The Gallery was great. However the guide only took us to the most important paintings to give us the history about them. There are paintings from Leonardo do Vinici, Botticelli, and Michelangelo. It was very interesting and the art work was amazing. It was very very crowded. Do not think about trying to get into this place with out some kind of tour.  You will be waiting forever. Also there are no bottles allowed at all. And you have to go through a scan/xray machine and put your bags in a machine. It is like going to the airport.

And there is only one door in and two lines to be xrayed. So you will be there for a bit.

After the gallery we had free time to explore Florence on our own. The three girls and I decided to go to Palazzo Strozzi and see some of the impressionistic art. It was pretty nice as well. It had an exhibit that went into detail of how the painters painted their works of art and how they are able to tell that they were painted outside in open air. Some had sand stuck to the paint that you can only see under a microscope. Some had buds from a tree stuck to the paint. Again only found under microscopes.

After that we found our way back to the hotel to freshen up for the Tuscan dinner!!

We had been told that this dinner was going to be one of the best and it would be like an Italian wedding. They were not lying! It was a bit of a drive.

Us walking up to the restaurant.
But it was a beautiful picturesque view the entire way so we did not mind.

We arrived at a restaurant that was a top a hill and surrounded by forest. It was lovely. First when we got to the top we were given a glass of Sangria (which I love) we took some pictures then went inside. We entered and sat down. There was a guy playing the keyboard and singing. They started us off with fresh melons, cheeses, meat, and wine of course. Along with bread. It was very delicious.

They then started bringing out the courses. Everyone had a great time. Then after the main dinner was done everyone started dancing and singing and just letting loose. I have never been to an Italian wedding but if this is really how it is then I hope to attend one soon!! We had a great time.

And this is she and I recreating the Gulietta...told you we had a LOT of wine and champaign!!
Everyone just danced and drank the night away.

They then brought out this amazing dessert ever! I don't rememeber what it is called but will be posting the picture of it. OMG I want more of it NOW. It was extraordinary!!! We then asked for more wine and champaign :).

After dancing the night away (even our tour director and tour bus driver joined in) it was time to go. But our tour director and tour bus driver still had a surprise for us and earlier the tour director promised us he would sing. So the stayed true to both promises. As we drove to our next surprise our tour director sang. He was pretty good. Then others from our group got up and sang as well.

Us attempting to touch The David
It was a great night.

Then came the surprise. They took us to the top of Florence where you can see over the entire city in all its glowing glory. It was gorgeous! And there was a huge replica of The David. Ok here is where that story of Gulietta and rubbing her right breast comes back to us.  Of course us girls after drinking a lot of wine and champaign this evening decided it's not fair that everyone gets to rub Gulietta's breast for luck in love we should get to rub something from a guy.  So we decided that you should rub David's ball. Well the statue was way too tall for use to reach it but I had a plan. I have taken some photo classes and know the whole thing of if you stand at the right distance and tilt the camera just so you can make it look like you are up close to a far away object.

Anttoniella attempting the same
Haha....So one by one we lined up to take our turn rubbing The David's ball. Well as close as we will get haha. It was hilarous. Everyone was cracking up. But when others saw it they wanted in on it too! We had a great night. Oh and it had stopped raining around 3pm too so our night was cloud and rain free!

We reboarded the bus and sang the night away. Even though we knew we were going to have to get up very early again the next morning we were not thinking about that at all. 

antoni1etta says:
Wow, that's a good grab i had on the big david!
Posted on: Oct 21, 2008
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The David (replica)
The David (replica)
Us walking up to the restaurant.
Us walking up to the restaurant.
And this is she and I recreating t…
And this is she and I recreating …
Us attempting to touch The David
Us attempting to touch The David
Anttoniella attempting the same
Anttoniella attempting the same
photo by: spocklogic