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Well we had to get up around 6:30 had breakfast and left to meet a local tour guide. First we did a tour while we were still on the tour bus while the local guide explained the different areas and history. She knew her stuff but after being on a bus the entire last day all of us were just anxious to jump off and start exploring.

Finally we were able to get off the bus and continue the tour on foot. We first went to the Colosseum which is another thing that you see it so many times in pictures and books but to see it in person is as if you are seeing it for the first time. It was great. Because we went really early and were with a tour we had no lines to wait in. It was also nice not to have many people in the Colosseum with us. By the time we left the number of people waiting was insane.

So the tour guide walked us around a bit sharing the stories and history. We were then able to go off on our own to have our own experience in the Colosseum. There are stairs that lead to the top. They are very steep! At first I thought it was just me and actually asked my friends if my body suddenly got lazy or something because I was feeling this way more than I would normally.  When you look at the stairs they don't appear to really be that steep. They of course laughed and said no it really is the steps. I felt a little better than!

But once you get to the top it is lovely to be able to take it all in. To imagine what it was like in its full glory and the matches that took place there. You can also see a great panoramic of the surroundings as you walk around the top.

  We had about 20 mins to walk around and then met back downstairs with the group.  We then headed to the Roman Forum.

The forum was really nice to see and walk around in. However I missed most of the history info and stories from our tour guide. She used one of those "whisperer" system where she speaks into a transmitter and we all have headsets on to hear her. Well the only problem with that is there are so many people so you can't stand right next to her the whole time and if you were more than 4 people from her you heard nothing but static. We had used these many times with other tour guides and were able to have a pretty good distance between us and the guide and still hear fine. But not this time. So that was disappointing. I actually started listening to another tour guide.

Part of the Roman Forum
She was actually more upbeat and out going too. Then turned to see half of my tour was doing the same thing. But the Roman Forum is a lovely place to see and visit its quite amazing.

We then went to St. Peter's Basillica/Vatican CIty. And we were lucky that it was a Sunday which means the Pope comes out to give his sermon! The Pope was at his summer home (which we travel to later in the trip and saw him!) so we only got to see him on the big screen. But the experience was still unforgettable. No matter what religion you are or the fact I couldn't understand 90% of what he said due to not speaking the language, there is just something about it. And to see the number of people who were all gathered in the square to hear him speak.

My friends and I only watched for a few mintues then ran to get into line (while it was "short") to go inside.

The Pope speaking
Another place that you can't really put into words. The resting place of past Popes and the place of worship.  And most amazing to see is the "Porta Santa". Those doors are only open during the Jubilee year every 25 years. They actually build a brick wall behind the doors to ensure that they are not opened before that time. In the Vatican Museum they have some of the past bricks and tools used on the door. We finished walking around and taking in the unbelievable feeling and experience of the Basillica.

We then went back to the hotel to freshen up and head out to an optional excursion dinner.

Before dinner, part of the excursion was to see Rome at night.

We walked around to see Piazza Baberini, Triton Fountain, Villa Brghese, Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps. It did start to sprinkle a bit towards the end of our walk but ended by the time we reached the restaurant.

I think the Trevi Fountain was probably my favorite of all of them. When you are walking to it you hear the water then turn the corner and there it is in all its glory! There were so many people there which you expect. But of course you want it to just be you so you can get that picture pefect stranger free moment. Haha. But it was really beautifull. We were told if you throw some coins into the fountain you are supposed to return to Rome again. So all of us being touristy decided what the hell and threw some pennies in. Anything to help my chances on returning I say!!

We then boarded the bus and drove for a few minutes to our resturant.

Inside the Basillica
At first when we got to the restaurant we were a bit worried. The restaurant looked like it was just a little pizza place and we knew not all of us were going to fit in there! So as we entered were were taking down some stairs and to the back where it opened up into a lovely restaurant so we were all pleasantly surprised. They ended up closes the restaurant to the public and there was one other tour group there. So it was nice to have the whole place to our two groups. They had the accordion player and the Opera singer as our musical entertainment. But the owner himself was quite the entertainment. He was great very involved and making sure everyone had the best experience.

The food was really good the wine was even better!! At the end of the night the owner came out with roses and had the husbands give the wives the roses by mouth like you see in the movies.

And here is the "rose" moments at dinner with the owner.
It was so cute. And then he gets to my table. The four single girls table...haha. He was like what no boyfriends no husbands. We were like no. He was like no no starts yelling out all these guys names ..the were all guys that worked there. We were like ohh no what have we gotten into. Everyone in the place had their eyes on our table and the were all laughing making comments like "he is calling in the troops for you girls" the owner continued to yell out guys names. All these guys from all parts of the restaurant come running he proceeds to tell them something in Italian. I can only imagine it was something like these girls have no boyfriends to give them their roses so you are filling in. haha So one by one they lined us up and he assigned us to a guy.
And he goes in for the kill on friend #1
They were very nice about it though they just handed us the roses and gave us a hug and kiss on the cheek. They didn't go in for the mouth to mouth with the roses. I think they actually may have been more afraid than us. Haha. Ohh but the owner decided he needed to sweeten the deal and well when I post the pics it will explain it all!

But it was a great great night. If you are ever in Rome I suggest going to this place the food is great and it was a ton of fun. The owner made the night! The name is Dominvs Ristorante-Pizzaria.

After we left our tour director and tour bus driver had another surprise for us. They took us back to the Bisillica to see it at night and take pictures. It was really pretty. It's amazing how things look one way during the day and completely different by night. So we stayed there for about an hour taking photos and just having fun with our group.

We then headed back to the hotel to call it a night.

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Part of the Roman Forum
Part of the Roman Forum
The Pope speaking
The Pope speaking
Inside the Basillica
Inside the Basillica
And here is the rose moments at …
And here is the "rose" moments at…
And he goes in for the kill on fri…
And he goes in for the kill on fr…
And friend #2
And friend #2
Me getting my kiss and rose
Me getting my kiss and rose
The door that only opens every 25 …
The door that only opens every 25…
The Spanish Steps.
The Spanish Steps.
The fountain! There is much more t…
The fountain! There is much more …
A picture of the people as they ar…
A picture of the people as they a…
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