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Well it was a very very early morning. We were up by 5:30am. Yes that was a killer, after the free flowing wine all night at dinner. But some how we all managed it.

We drove to Milan and visisted the Duomo. It was breathe taking! We paid the extra (I think..) 8 Euro and took the lift to the top of the Duomo.  However they had a lot of it under construction. Actually a lot of Italy is under construction. Which was disappointing. But it was still lovely inside and out top to bottom. 

We were only there for about an hour. Then boarded the bus again and headed to Verona. We had a long drive.

and again
We stopped off to eat at AutoGrill.  I must say "truck stop" dinning in Italy is much nicer than in the states (well most places in the states).  It was kind of pricey, but I was able to get veggies (peas, carrots, asparagus) I was very happy. Being a vegetarian continually eating pasta and pizza gets pretty!

We finally reach Verona.  In Verona we met a city tour guide.  She took us to see Gulietta's belcony. There are two walls filled with letters to Gulietta.  She said that there are actually (I think) 9 women that take the notes and write people back on behalf of Gulietta.

Well you finally get to the statue of Gulietta. And legend has it if you rub the right breast of Gulietta you will have luck in love (remember that story it will be talked about in a later blog haha).

The notes to Giulietta that women actually reply back to (Verona)
So of course I am sure a guy thought of this  "legend" but who am I to argue. I lined up with everyone else and rubbed the right breast.

We then finished the tour and hearing the stories how the city has continually built itself on top of itself. Everytime there was a fire, flood, earthquake, etc instead of rebuilding what was damaged they just built on top of the old. So there are many viewing holes that you can look down and see previous structers and what was once Verona before it was built over layer by layer.

There was also a pretty big market of trinkets, fresh fruit and veggies, odds and ends. And street performers. We started seeing these more and more as we moved south.

Well we boarded the bus once again and finished our ride to Venice.

  We relaxed a short time and freshened up to meet up with our tour again and go for a boat ride in venice then to another five course dinner!!

The boat ride was very nice and relaxing after a long day on the bus it was a nice change. As we were walking up to our restaurant we see the big HK with the fire and pitchfork. HELL'S KITCHEN. One of the other girls and I both yelled it at the same time. We thought that is where we were going to eat. However we were wrong. We ate at the place next door to it. But it turned out to be very nice and great food! It was called Ristorante All ' Angelo.  The staff was very friendly the food was great the Tiramisu was some of the best I have ever eaten.  And they started us off with a Simosa how can you pass that up.

After eating all that food we were able to roam around Venice for a few hours and finally saw St. Mark's Square at night all lit up for the first time. It was amazing. The night was amazing. The life you feel while in that square with the live music and lights and people dancing. It truly was something out of a movie. It's something you can't really explain you just have to see it, live it, feel it. It just has a different feel at night. Very romatic for those who are there with a love.

After roaming around for a few hours we all met back at the boat for our ride back to the hotel. It was a very long day but it had a great ending.

motacek2 says:
Oh, great shots!!!!!
Posted on: Oct 18, 2008
AME079 says:
Thanks for the smiles!! :)
Posted on: Oct 04, 2008
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and again
and again
The notes to Giulietta that women …
The notes to Giulietta that women…
And her Belcony
And her Belcony
And its finally her
And it's finally her
Inside the Duomo
Inside the Duomo
Inside the Duomo
Inside the Duomo
St Marks Square at night
St Mark's Square at night
St Marks Basilica at night
St Mark's Basilica at night
Hells Kitchen!
Hell's Kitchen!
photo by: asturjimmy