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This was our very little hotel room in Milan only one person could stand on the floor at a time!

September 12- (overnight flight) First our flights that almost did not happen. My friend was coming from Nebraska to meet me in Chicago we then would travel together to London for our connection flight then on to Milan.

Well her flight was delayed 2 hours, than 4 hours, than went back to 2 hours. Some how she just barely made it to meet me in Chicago and make the flight to London.  We were also very lucky because most of our plane was open so everyone had 2 seats to themselves! That is as close to first class I will ever get and on an international flight it was very nice!! Plus I booked the 777 through AA. Which I love because you have your own TV monitor and you get many many movies (mainly all new releases) to choose from to watch for free. So if you are flying American international try to book the 777! So our flight seemed to go fast. I watched the new Indian Jones movie and the Made of Honor. Both were pretty good.

So we finally get to London had a three hour layover then headed to Milan. This was through British Airways. I didn't enjoy the flight they wouldn't put us together (since you can't choose your seat until the day of your travels), the flight attendents were cranky and it was pretty hot on the plane.

My friend and I booked a tour but decided to go it alone for a day then meet up with a tour group then stay and extra day in Rome on our own.  Our first day was in Milan.  I wasn't really impressed. Our hotel was two blocks from The Duomo (which is great). But besides that there was just a bunch of condos and apartments and BMWs parked on the sidewalks.  Oh and when we would leave the hotel we had to leave the key with whom ever was working the night shift. We found it odd since in the states you always keep your key.  We found that in the hotels in Northern Italy we had to do this but in the central and southern parts you hold onto your own key.  It was a Saturday night and it seemed to be dead. We could have traveled farther into the city center, but after traveling for 13 hours we just grabbed a bite to eat (which was hard to find something even open and around there) walked around a while to see what was by us.  And the small world it is we ran into three girls that had just arrived in Milan from California while we were walking around. After walking around a bit we then went back to the hotel to crash.  We knew we had to wakeup and have a bit of traveling to do the next day so we called it a night.

motacek2 says:
WOW Ami, that room is small!
Posted on: Oct 18, 2008
AME079 says:
Oddly enough it kind of did it for me! Haha I just clicked add photo that is on the right of the screen and it added it to the text and below!

Thanks for the smiles! :)
Posted on: Oct 05, 2008
yjc513 says:
Hi there,
Like you, I was also not too impressed with Milan. I stayed there for a day but there was not too much to see...:-)Can't wait to read the rest of your blog..:-)

BTW....How did you insert the picture near your text? I did it once and now I forgot..:-)Thanks!
Posted on: Oct 04, 2008
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This was our very little hotel roo…
This was our very little hotel ro…
photo by: williamsworld