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Mark, Glen & Macca enjoying their Steins!!

After finishing my last job in the UK for this year on the Sunday, I left Knowl Hill and went to my aunts for a few nights til Wednesday. I packed my gear and was in London by 12pm. Werent due til 2pm but nevermind. Sat around the cafe reading til Sam rocked up at about 1pm. We ordered pizza and caught up in the familiar surroundings of the Royal National Hotel. Ordering pizza, we sat about filling each other in on our lives over the past month or two. Me having finished some travelling and going back to work for 7 weeks, Sam having gone to Spain, Germany and Canada. Now here we were, waiting for the contiki reps to start telling us what, where, how etc in order for us to get on our way to Munich, to enjoyt he celebrations of Oktoberfest 2008!!!! I was pretty excited.

Sam & I with Steins and our giant pretzel!
Sam was pretty tired. Neither of us looked forward to the 16our coach trip that would see us arriving in Munich at 8pm the next morning!!

We got onto our coach (coach B) and continued chatting, reading, staring out our windows til we got onto the ferry at Dover. There we had our customery chippy sanga or as the british call them - chip butty!! Then we found a place to sit and rest as Sam gets quite sea sick and hates ferries. Once we got into Calais, France, it was back on the bus and our overnight trip to Munich, with about 3 service stops along the way. How exhausting. I'm not sure weather I slept much or not, I may have managed 2 or 3 hours. When we got to Munich, our campsite, and were allocated our tents how ever, Sam and I elected to snooze til the arvo after breaky before heading into the Oktoberfest grounds.

The Lowenbrau Beerhall

At 3pm we were dressed, still tired and heading into the beerfest grounds. I was pretty excited and over ebing tired. I was to meet up with some aussie mates who I hadn't seen in a long time, Mark & Macca so was pumped to catch up with the boys for a beer! They met us at the drop off point and we headed into the grounds, in awe of the rides and stores etc. It was a massive fairground with terrifying sky high rides and rollercoaster, dotted with massive beer halls teeming with people and beer.

We got into the Lowenbrau Beerhall and found a half empty table with some Italians who let us share. I don't have anything against Italians but these guys were sleazy, creepy and didn't care for my fake story of a boyfriend, they hit as hard as the could still.

Loitering, after we'd been kicked off our bench!
At one point I threatened to smash my stein over one guys head if he didn't stop staring. Haha, their English wasn't that great - don't think they understood so no offence taken. We sang along to 'Ein Prost' and for some reason 'Hey baby' and 'Seven Nation Army'. They happened to be some of the most popular tunes.. don't ask why.... Hehe. We stood on our chairs, clinking glasses, singing along. We drank our beers (delicious!) and chewed through a giant pretzel. Unfortunately come 4-5pm most of the tables in all beerhalls are reserved. Kinda sucks. You get kicked off your table, leaving you to loiter on the outskirts, getting yelled at by busy german barwenches! We all stood around chatting for a bit, relieved to have lost the Italians. Sam wanted to check out the show grounds and get something to eat, so organising to meet up later we left the boys.
The huge ferris wheel at the showgrounds.

Well unfortunately the Germans don't cater for veggies like myself so I was screwed, resorting to eating Pomme Frites (fries) and yummy German chocolate. It started raining and we weren't impressed. Sam was going to head back to the campsite to crash out early so I went back to the beer hall to see if the boys were still there. They weren't but said they'd head over that way to meet me. I met some German lads who I hung out with for awhile who were pretty funny and spoke in ok English.  so had a beer with them waiting for the guys but they couldn't get back into the hall. Eventually I left and the guys said they were leaving too, that they'd meet me at the supermarkt at the campsite for more drinkies. So I got my bus back, headed to the supermarkt and waited for them to show up.

Mark & Diego - my Spanish friend, at the campsite!
Apparently Mark, who was smashed, went walk-about and they spent ages looking for him!

While I was waiting for them to turn up, I sat down with a table of guys who turned out to be from Vittoria, Baske-Spain. So that was pretty cool as I love the Spanish! They are friendly, polite and respectful..unlike the Italians I met earlier. I sat with them chatting and laughing with them for ages, telling them of my short time in Spain, them trying to teach me Spanish drinking games and how to ask for a beer in Spanish. eventualli I got it right, but cannot write it here as I don't know how to write in Spanish! I mean cerveza (beer) is pronounced threvrera. Similar to the Welsh language, no regard for phonetics!!! Hahaha. Was great fun. Diego spoke the best English so he translated for Andon and Javi some of the time.

Macca & I at the campsite.
They were really lovely guys.

Eventually Mark and Macca showed up and we had some more beers, Mark was trashed and enjoyed tryign to get the crowd into re-enditions of 'Hey baby!' What a dag. We sat there chatting and catching up, still chatting to the spanish guys and havin a laugh before Mark passed out over the tables. Macca and I spent the next 20 minutes trying to convince him to go to bed before he passed out again and we simply hauled him to his tent. Too funny. Macca and I sent him to his tent then headed back to the tables. We hung out there for another 20 minutes before some of the guys went to bed, kisses all round for me =D Andoni got my number aswell so we could all catch up again the following day. Macca, Diego and I hung out a lil while longer before we all got pretty tired and cold.

Mark, wasted and singing 'Hey baby!'
So we said goodnights and headed to our own tents.

This was the huge downside to the trip - tenting. Wasn't too bad, nice and clean but the weather was FREEZING!! I'm not kidding, I shivered myself to sleep in 5degree night if I was lucky.. felt like a minus just about! It was cold to the point of painful and I thought I'd brought suitable clothing. My thermal underwear would have been suitable but I hadn't thought that necessary at the time of packing. It was going to be a long night. Other than that, fantastic 1st day at Oktoberfest =D


ratu says:
I was in that tent 2 days after you!
And it was incredible!!
Posted on: Oct 08, 2008
B-Town says:
The more I hear about this "Oktoberfest", the more I want to attend! It's right up my alley ;-) Great blog, and well done Hannah.
Posted on: Oct 08, 2008
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Mark, Glen & Macca enjoying their …
Mark, Glen & Macca enjoying their…
Sam & I with Steins and our giant …
Sam & I with Steins and our giant…
The Lowenbrau Beerhall
The Lowenbrau Beerhall
Loitering, after wed been kicked …
Loitering, after we'd been kicked…
The huge ferris wheel at the showg…
The huge ferris wheel at the show…
Mark & Diego - my Spanish friend, …
Mark & Diego - my Spanish friend,…
Macca & I at the campsite.
Macca & I at the campsite.
Mark, wasted and singing Hey baby…
Mark, wasted and singing 'Hey bab…
photo by: AleksandraEa