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      The trip began at Manchester airport and took us first to New Mexico where we attended "The Gathering of the Nations".  I know that I must have some Native American roots, because as a child, I was very interested in Native American ways, but I was also interested in the Chinese ways as well.  When I took this trip, there was a sense of coming home for me. Maybe I have had a past life experience?  Actually I have.  While it was quite bizarre to me, I do remember being an indian maiden.  This happened long before even considering a trip out west.  I can't explain it... but I have quit trying to dispute it and just accept it as part of my being.  The Gathering is all about community... there are tribes from all over the world, mostly Canada and the U.S. who attend this.  They tell stories of their beliefs and their lives, by dance and costume.  Realizing that every culture and every people have their problems, all that aside, I have the utmost respect for their beliefs... It truly has been my strongest connection thus far.
      After spending a few days there, we traveled to Arizona.  Went to Canyon de Chelley (hope I spelled that correctly!) Gosh, the people and the ways of life out there are so different than home, and I just enjoyed it so much.  "America, America, God has surely shed his grace on thee"...  Such beauty... but then again, there is tremendous beauty outside my window here. The landscape offers something different to appreciate though... Life is never boring if you allow yourself to experience it!  I got to do my very first sweat lodge in Arizona.  You have to be ready to look at yourself... on a deeper spiritual level, in my opinion.  What a gift I was given! Thank you so much goes to the Medicine Man, Harold Smith who conducted that sweat, and many others over here in NH as well!  (I really am a blessed person!) 
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