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All of our transportation flowed quickly and efficiently UNTIL we were 30 minutes from our final destination. I held in my hands transportation directions from BVA airport to Paris.. to our hotel, however, once the pilot announced that there would be a change in plans, my directions were no longer useful. As a result of the fog covering Paris and the surrounding areas, we were flying into Lillie airport, which was 2.5 hours from Paris and happened to be closed. They made mention of finding a bus which would transport us to PM, the bus station in Paris. We finally landed and awaited the chance to exit the plane. While we waited, they played the Barcelona FC/Real Madrid game:) The entire crew and passengers bonded and we decided that we should make a return flight to Barce to celebrate with the rest of the FC fans after defeating Real Madrid 3-0.

My sister and I became fast friends with a Brazilian guy who promised to take care of us.. and did! They escorted us to our bus, made sure we got seats, carried our luggage, and upon arrival at 2:30 a.m., found a taxi and came with us to the hotel. I convinced the manager to let the guys have a room for 1/2 price after helping us out:)

The next day we awoke to a beautiful day... found a great local pastry shop and had some quiche.. traveled via the subway to see Notre Dame, which completely towered over the other buildings in the area. the buildings in Paris are a creamish white color and are quite lovely against the sun's rays or against the setting sun. Lovely shadows drape the buildings as they surround the waterways and alleys. The river flows through the center of the city making it an easy landmark to follow.

Bike paths lined the streets, and I found myself wishing that I had my rollerblades or my bike to explore the city even more. People sauntered down the paths chatting as if time were not important.. they were unhurried, which was pleasantly surprising considering it is a rather large city. It had none of the chaotic feel or the hustle and bustle one might experience in a larger city. People hung out in the outdoor cafes, crepe stands stood on every corner tempting people to buy crepes as the delicious aroma permeated the streets. Street vendors stood along the river selling paintings, books, cards, collector's items, and children's art projects:)

The Eiffel Tower is not as large as I originally imagined it to be, nor quite as romantic:) It could be that I was without that special someone and so the magic was not there at the time:) At night, though, it became more beautiful as the lighted beams shimmered and shone against the night sky and as it illuminated the river.

We returned to our hotel frozen only to discover that our heater was no longer in service! Our friend, Jimmy, transferred us to one of the other rooms, which we gladly found had heat! We thawed out as we drank our hot tea and hot chocolate dreaming of our next day's trip to the Louve!

The Louve... it's massive.. full of paintings with pictures portraying Jesus or the church or Mary. I scoured the Louve looking for the Impressionistic paintings only to find that the wing was closed:( I did hunt down some paintings by Renoir, Monet, and Degas... I loved Renoir's painting The Lecture as well as some of the Egyptian and Islamic art that I viewed. I appreciate and acknowledge that the Louve had exceptional pieces of art, however, I was more moved by the art I viewed in Tate Modern and Picasso's Museum, which made me think about how beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I explored our neighborhood by myself, and ended up giving into my temptation to buy a crepe with sucre from a vendor:) It was piping hot and worth every bite! I walked around the area with my crepe and noticed a large building sitting at the top of the hill that reminded me of a building I had seen in Moulin Rouge.. it was covered in fog and made an eerie scene. We went back to our favorite crepe restaurant, and the waiter knew exactly what we had come for... crepes and hot chocolate:)

We boarded a plane the next day wtihout any problems, and headed to Ireland. I can't believe my journey is almost finished! I'm not ready to return to the States.. I would really just like to travel awhile longer. My latest dream is to go to Argentina, for I've met so many warm and kind people from there.

I have thoughts of traveling throughout SA... I've also been thinking about getting married... I don't want to put my life on hold, settle down, and await this man to come into my life. Shouldn't I just meet him along the way? I want to live my life and experience life.. experience the world around me, and perhaps someday I'll meet this character along the way and go on adventures together. Someday:)

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photo by: Sweetski