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Traveling via train and gondola, we came upon the quaint mountain village of Gimmelwald. Chalets with the typical green shutters and brightly colored geraniums were seen throughout the town. Diret paths/gravel paths... led up through the mountain. The changing colors of the leaves was a fabulous sight against the cool grey outlines of the towering mountains. Green pastures dotted in and out of the expanse as cows and sheep grazed in the open air.

The gondola brought us to the sight of the James Bond film, "In Her Majesty's Service"... where there was a revolving restaurant as well as a theater to view parts of the film. A terrace leads to the outside where one is able to view the complete mountain range.. mountains of varying heights.. of snow covered peaks.

. of pine trees, and bright blue lakes. It is truly one of the most beautiful places I have had the fortune of seeing.

My sister and I split up the second day so that we could both do things we loved... I took advantage of the great hiking paths setting my sights on the top of one of the peaks! The beauty I beheld during my trek to the top will forever be etched on my mind ... the serene lakes where the water continued to change into an even deeper and brighter shade of blue.. the surrounding mountains which rose majestically throughout the region each glorious.. farms and houses strewn throughout the valley. There is, btw, a restaurant at the top of the peak... and a tram that takes people to the top:) For some reason, he gave me a free ride down the mountain.. just in time for my sister and I to attend our chocolate making session!! 10 F for countless pieces of chocolate and the secrets from a true chocolate chef!

We ended up climbing over the barriers set up around the restaurant, traveling down some "steps" to a"path" lined with wire stopping us from slipping to our deaths below! We traveled in the snow determined to create a snowman in the midst.. which we created out of snow, rocks, grass, and cigarettes we found lying around. At the edge of one of the "paths" we noticed a sign which portrayed a high heeled shoe! I'd like to see someone hike up the mountain in heels!:)

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photo by: sherryshakarob