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It has been called one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe! With the river gliding through the city and its 17 bridges, it becomes the scene from Smetana's compositions.. The RIVER.. as you watch the river go through various channels. The sun glints and shines down upon the water cruising past the bridges, connecting, and becoming an even larger body of water.

The ornate St. Charles Bridge speaks of the history of the Czech  Republic as one can't help bu notice the statues lining the bridge. Statues portraying the leaders of the country or the martyrs or the guardian who brings peace to the city as he guards its entrance.

Vendors selling their wares line the crowded bridge as do muscicians and puppet masters. A quintet with a cello, a banjo, a clarinet, and what looked to be a washboard with an egg beater played alongside a main vocalist who used a megaphone looking instrument to project his voice making the music sound very Big Bandish.

One of the attendants in the outdoor wedding:)
In the midst of this, another woman played soothing piano music while singing with a clear, beautiful soprano like opera voice. The man next to her moved and shook his Pinoccio like puppet to play the guitar as passerbys gathered round to see the great sight.

At the center of the city was a large town square filled to the brim with tourists. I watched as each group was led by someone carrying an umbrella or a stick held high up in the air as the tourists followed the object round and round the square!

My sister and I found a great bookstore called THE GLOBE which was located in a building that looked like an old library. It contains a larger 2-story cafe/bar. English books lined the walls as did newspapers and magazines. Chocolate... REAL chocolate.. was used in making the hot chocolate we devoured:)

Parks were strewn throughout the NEW section.. Dogs, dressed as smartly as people, trounced around their dogparks.

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One of the attendants in the outdo…
One of the attendants in the outd…
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