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My sister seems to think that my friendliness gets me into trouble, and after today, I agree with her:) While traveling on the train to Rome, a guy from Chile sat next to us. He happened to be a wine consultant, and spoke Spanish.. two things I love! So, we started conversing in Spanish about wine and life, and then the conversation turned to him saying how he was a "naughty" boy... this made me pause and realize that I had gotten both myself and my sister into a situation! He continued to tell me why he was naughty and how he needed a good teacher who was a beautiful 29 year old woman, like myself to change him around. All I can say is that I wanted to RUN from the train, and we tried to get out as quickly as possible, but he followed us to our hostel and luckily for my sister and I, was placed in another room where he proceeded to make a reputation for himself of scaring all of the gals in the hostel:) Despite all of this, I didn't learn my lesson and helped him translate documents for his company.

..I couldn't help myself! It was written so poorly in English that I didn't want him to send the documents without having them written professionally or well.. :) He ended up offering me a position within his company that I politely declined...a kind offer, but unfortunately not the one for me.

My sister and I decided to explore Roma and headed to one of the parks to sit down, read, journal, etc. As I was slowly making my way down one of the paths enjoying the lighting, the trees, and the flowers around me, a man stopped me and asked me in Italian for the time. I told him in Spanish, which furthered the conversation to where I was from, what I was doing, and where I was going out for the night. He then offered to take my sister and I out on his motorbike and show us the town.

When I refused, he became angry and asked me, "Do you not like me?" "What do you think I'm going to do to you? Have you had bad experiences with men? With Italians? Why are you so difficult?" He tried persuading me as much as he could by offering to let me drive the scooter if I went out with him. I told him that I didn't go out with random men I didn't know, and he took offense to that and told me a line that I have heard before.. how will you ever get to know me if you never go out with me??? He told me that he was a nice guy and proceeded to list all of his great qualities... and proceeded to walk alongside me as I tried to escape, which eventually I did as he grew tired of chasing me around the park:) I think that US films have affected what the world thinks of women in the US!

Being told that you are bella really has no meaning when it comes from someone who does not know you, however, from a person that knows you inside and out, it means that the inner beauty is what shines out of that compliment.

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