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I returned from teaching in Central America for a year with a dream that I meant to pursue... to travel throughout Europe! It just so happened that my sister recently graduated from the university and was up for an adventure as well, so we agreed to travel in the fall of 05! Temp jobs gave me a little income on the side until we departed:) Temp jobs like working in a mail sorting and packing company also provided lasting entertainment and opportunities to learn crazy skills like perfectly taping a box or wrapping millions of boxes together with bubble tape or ... the wonderful invention.. the forklift.. no, I was not, sadly, given the opportunity to drive this:) They knew better!! I'm about to begin an adventure of a lifetime.. to pursue my dream wholeheartedly.. awaiting the new adventures ... expecting to see beautiful and amazing places as well as meet new friends along the way... and see God amidst the creation around me... and perhaps come up with an idea as to what I should be doing with my life.. don't all travelers think that they will come back with revelations?? :) 

sdbleve says:
I had a chance to drive a forklift in the past. It was fun...more fun than loading the damn trucks by hand. And it paid better the than entry level job (loading by hand).
Posted on: Apr 18, 2007
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