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So, im on the plane, really excited to get out of Singapore and arrive in Auckland New Zealand, as everyone had told me how fantastic it was! I was so eager to find out what I was missing out on and eventually see it!

So, im sitting on the plane and a nice German girl sits down next to me. she was lovely, sat and blethered away. We both put our headphones on and stuck on a film to make the time go faster! "Sex and the City, i'll put this one on, this is funny!" I thought!

So im sitting watching sex and the city and it makes me really upset and begin to realise how much im missing my friends back home! The ones that pick you up when your down and the ones that see all your embarrassing moments and you laugh at them together forever! A tear ran down my cheek, trying to hold it back and bite my lip, whilst the german girl next to me was clearly watching a comedy 'You dont mess with the Zohan' and the WHOLE flight new about it, she was laughing so hard! Im sitting there biting my lip and wiping the tear from my cheek! The film finished and the radio comes on automatically in your ear phones, the song was 'you raise me up' my mums song. Well....did I not start howling! Good job the German girl was too busy watchin her comedy to notice! PHEW!

We arrived in Sydney and she left to go on another flight, while I hung around to catch my flight to NZ! I was soo tired i could hardly stay awake! I had been awake all night really as it was like 6am.

I arrived in Auckland. Hurrah! Well, apart from the hour sitting at immigration as my date of birth was wrong and they had to fix it. THEN to find my bag wasn't at the airport and they had left it in Sydney! Well at least i didnt have to hike it on my shoulders and they would deliver it to me, i thought?! Yeh not until mid night! I slept all day and I dont think my sleeping pattern is back YET! Oh did I forget to say it was was baltick! Compared to Singapore i needed my thermals! Im not joking, i think people think im exaggerating, im really not, i was shivvering! Like winter back in Scotland!

The past few days have been really crap and I thought i didnt like Auckland. I didn't and haven't really met anyone that I seem to click with (however im about to go to my room and there should be 3 new people so we will wait and see!).

Today really cheered me up though. I went round to the cafe for breakfast, having my things to do list ready for after breaky!I got a sausage that I actually liked, i had said the other day that i was missing sausages! MMM! I then spoke to Daniel (my nephew for those of you that dont know) ansd my sis first and that made me smile. Then I strolled down the main street in preperation to complete my things to do list!

I walked into the nearest back to open an account and the girl was s0o0o0o friendly, i cant emphasise how frienldly she was....ok maybe i can......she helped my look up flats on the internet while i was opening my account and gave me her number. I think she sensed I didnt have any pals here. But I dont know how inapropriate it would be to call her and ask her out! (you know what I mean) haha! She was lovely though!

So, I walk down to a couple of bars and ask about employment "Come in tonight at 7pm for a trial"

ARGHHHHHHHHHH, I didnt have anything to wear, I need black tousers, black shoes and most importantly a razor to shave my pits! haha!

So I get down there at keeness and all that! Somehow I hadn't noticed all the beers pump things lined up on the bar earlier! What was I thinking when I said I had worked in a bar!! OOPS!

So I started at 7pm and worked til about 9.30pm. It was good, right now I dont know how I did and he says he will email me as the manager has to email me or something (sounds pretty negative but I will keep you posted! Theres a live band every night and its really busy! So I would really love it! They serve some awsome food aswell by the looks of it!

My feet ache with the new black shoes I bought. So I decided to get a taxi as I didnt know what bus to get at that time and neither did the guy working at the bar. So I jumped in a taxi after my "shift" and just wanted to get back to the hostel with ease (thinking I would with a taxi and all that?@#!) NO NO NO NO NO!!! I was wrong!!!!

"Where are you from lady?" With a foriegn accent.

"Scotland, you?"

"Poland, what is your beautiful name?"

"Tina, yours? (keep in mind this man must be about 58)

"Marc" I assumed he spelt it with a C, I dont know why.  "Maybe we can go out sometime and eat eat and talk talk"

"no no, I am very busy with my new job now!" I said gulping! He must have heard it as he said, "You dont need to be frightened, I am nice polish man. You want to save money?"

OH NO does he mean save on the taxi fair? Does this mean what I think it means?!

"No no dont want to save" I said, fearing for my life!

"Why you work so much then?" 

Anyway you get where this is going....i was freaked out. Im glad i sat in the back! I got out "thanxs Marc, see you later"

"Yes hopefully" he replied!!!

Im still alive, its ok!!

That's up to now the experience I ahve had in New Zealand. I have met a couple of people here and there, but no one that beats the  guys on my tour....i really mean that right now!

I've had a few emails back from flats so im gonna go look at them at the end of the week, but it all depends on where i get a job, i dont want to be millions of miles away from my work, that would be pointless wouldnt it!

Right must dash, head beginning to spin! Love you all dearly and thinking of you even more right now as im own my own a bit more! xxxx


ally69 says:

absolutely loving the blogs it all sounds fab I'm sure things will look up in NZ

I'll share some of your stories with the class that'll entertain them

hope all goes well with the job and flat

take care missing you


Posted on: Sep 30, 2008
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