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We made it!!

Shortly after passing through Tegus we came to the border of Honduras and Nicaragua!! We exited the vehicle as a mass, and headed over to the stations to have our passports checked and authorized. I noticed that if you gave them a little tip, you immediately exited the line, had a stamp in your passport, and were ready for the next step!

To pass the time, we hiked up one of the hills and ran into some kids who wanted to "polish" our running shoes:) They opted for a game of futbolito instead:) It was the gringas against the catrachas.

Our ride to Managua was interesting, in that, the videos that were shown on the screen had a unique feature... it looked as though someone had gone into the theater and taped the entire movie.. the video moved and shaked a little:)

Arriving in Managua, we decided to stay for $3 at the Managua Suites aka the Tica Bus Station! They provide cheap accomodations for the guests.. there is a shower, a fan, a bathroom, sheets, etc.. everything you need. The only problem was that we weren't "allowed" to go outside of the compound (for our own safety)! We, however, escaped from the compound and hailed a taxi. To our horror, we saw guys coming at us from a variety of different places trying to touch us through the windows! We began to understand that perhaps what they told us was the truth after all! Entonces, cuidate mucho en Managua!!

Isoinspira says:
lol! We all loved the videotapes:) At first when we were told not to go outside the TICA Bus compound, we immediately disregarded it based on the fact that we wanted to see Managua. However, after the guys came out to our car, we decided that they had given us great advice and next time we should follow it:)
Posted on: Feb 20, 2007
Eric says:
haha, hit "Smile" after reading about the movies being video taped, but hadn't read yet about random guys trying to touch you through the windows. that's pretty creepy!
Posted on: Feb 19, 2007
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We made it!!
We made it!!
photo by: swhayden