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Our construction site when we started, nothing but desert.

Now our site was 40 km south of Doha, in the middle of no where. Totally isolated, no support available. What was my goal? Simple, get the site set up. And when the dredge started working I would then go on a well deserved holiday. The project was simple but with a twist, all the dredge had to do was dig a trench in the ocean floor for pipeline for the new power plant. And what was the twist you may ask? Well all the material that the dredge dug had to be stored in a containment area for when the pipeline was finished. They would then take that material and bury the pipeline. So I designed and built the containment area.

Have been thinking the last few days on what more I can say about Qatar.

Have been trying very very hard to think of the positives, but there are none! I HATED every single minute that I spent in this country. I wasn't impressed with Doha itself, the locals irritated the living daylights out of me, customer service was non existant for anything. The Qatari's are terrible drivers, there are speed cameras everywhere but they still drive as fast as they can with no concern for other peoples lives. I lost count of the number of times that a Qatari nearly hit me while I was driving to and from work. Now I thought that Alcohol in Bahrain was expensive, well I was sorely mistaken, the price for Alcohol was DOUBLE the price compared to Bahrain. I wasn't even allowed to keep Beers in my apartment, that requires a special permit which is nearly impossible to get. My apartment wasn't that great either, my company rented an apartment for the same price as my bahrain apartment. In Bahrain my apartment is huge, I live like a king. But Qatar, my apartment was terribly small for 2 people, and the neighbourhood was terrible, almost a slump.

So when the time came for me to leave Qatar I was over the moon. The project had gone great, and I really appriciate my company assigning me to that project as it was something really different to the norm and was a great experience. But as far as Qatar goes, I was praying as the plane took off, praying that I would never have to return to this country ever again.

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Our construction site when we star…
Our construction site when we sta…
The only fun we had in Qatar. A da…
The only fun we had in Qatar. A d…
I need water!
I need water!
This is one big sand dune.
This is one big sand dune.
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