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Well im a bit confussed with times a little but, we left at 8.45 last night so we could get to the tica bus right on time! When we got there, there was loads of people all standing about! so i ran in and lined up in a nice long que waiting for my sheets to fill in for imigration. Pretty much after we are on the bus! My friend is complainging cause she is freezing... it hadnt hit me, but when it did i was soo cold! They keep the air con on constantly all the way through the journey! Even though the bus is one of the most comfortabliest ones ive been in, it is still impossible to sleep! shuffling from side to side, then resting on bexs shoulder, then putting my legs up on hers!! impossible to get comfy!!

We was on the bus till it got to 4 and then we was made to wait in a que for 2 and a half hours, i really do not know why as we just could have stayed in the bus, but not that we could do much as i didnt want to get lost and it was still dark! finally at 6.30 they open, so we all huddling to get to the front, with a gigantic que and only one window open! why why could they not just open another... Got our stamps then have to walk over to the bit where u place your baggage! not having a clue where to go, luckily the nun showed us, it seems every bus we are on there is a nun! and everytime they have to tell us where to go! Getting to the other window you are approached by people shoving stamps in your face! so i place my passport out and let them place it in....... just a dollar they say, but my poor friend only had 20 dollars and he had already shoved it on her passport so i shoved him 500 colones, im sure he was waiting for more, but thats all we had! The man at the window starting asking my friend questions and seeing as she does not understand a word she looks to me! everytime he tried to speak a lorry would go by! and he would look at me like i was doing it on purpose! We was the only ones he did it too... hmm.

Thankfully the guy didnt get all my stuff out of my bag just had a feel around to see if anything sharp in there, i couldnt stand the thought of the whole bus seeing all my dirty washing! so i was very glad of that as im sure the other people would be! It didnt take long, but was longer than any other immigration i had been to, but we was lucky as it only took abother 7 and a half hours till we got here in pamama city! We are at a place im not even too sure of the name i just wanted to get in to somewhere and have a shower! the room is not too bad it is clean and has a tv! and a shower so what more can you ask for! I think we will see how we feel we have booked 3 nights there! so if we dont liek it im sure we will find somewhere else, till then i think its time to do some shopping!!

spursbackpacker says:
good blog of what happened. Tho that man in immigration was a bloody arse
Posted on: Feb 19, 2007
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Panama City
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