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Canadian flag flying high at Steveston's...

It's been sometime now since I last tap the keyboard of my laptop to update my travel blog, eventhough I always find myself interested in sharing thoughts of my travel adventure.

Being lazy was something I'd rather be doing on a chilly Saturday morning rather than pull out my suit and drive down to the airport. But that day was not any other Saturday. I initially planned just to send my wife away from the airport, but ended up flying with her up to Vancouver International where she departed off to Manila in the early evening of Saturday. Flying with her and sending her off from Vancouver, plus a side trip of the city,  I thought, was the right thing to do; I was going to miss her for awhile.

variety of cheap and fresh seafoods

We took the first morning flight available off to Vancouver from Calgary. Although the flight was just over an hour, I still lent my appetite to the in-flight breakfast of warm egg omelet and fresh fruits served with orange juice.

After meeting our couple of friends at the airport and a forced breakfast (again) at their place, we went to Steveston's wharf. The place typically represents one of the many facets of the city's character. Here at the wharf - those fishermen crew resting from docked trawlers with mingling customers on boardwalk at the bay, the mood is always seemingly set in similarity to an idyllic fishing village reminiscent of the older times. I took pictures even of the little details around the wharf that suggest simplicity.

surveying the surrounding...
 From colourful cardboard price banners to a solitary and elusive seagull perched on top of a post as if intently surveying the activities from below or maybe just simply waiting for his chance to swoop a meal - they did not escape from the lens of my camera. 

Sometimes, the simplest things we see around make us realise how fortunate we can be that we should stop complaining about life's occasional little bumps. Not that I am comparing myself to a lifeless cardboard or the scavenging plight of the bird, ha ha!, but rather, it is more on the simplistic view of simplicity itself as opposed pomposity in life, so to speak!   

I had numerous shots of the scenery and the busy yet laid-back activities surrounding it. They were all pleasant to watch and capture. Even the cheerful seafood vendor did not mind the annoying camera flashes aimed at her while I was taking pictures. My wife equally enjoyed this particular time at Steveston's wharf. Once back home, I skimmed through the pictures of the visit, I could almost smell the salty sea breeze that still seemed to linger on each picture (well, not literally, ha ha!). The experience was positively pleasant. 

Before leaving the place, we bought fresh prawns and cods which I took with me back home. To be continued...



mga_galang_paa says:
Thanks, Vancouver is truly an awesome city! This won't be my last to visit the place. Have a great one. :)
Posted on: Oct 03, 2008
oriel says:
brilliant photos!!! - looks like you had a great visit to the Vancouver area
Posted on: Oct 02, 2008
mga_galang_paa says:
Vancouver is indeed a great city! :)
Posted on: Sep 29, 2008
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Canadian flag flying high at Steve…
Canadian flag flying high at Stev…
variety of cheap and fresh seafoods
variety of cheap and fresh seafoods
surveying the surrounding...
surveying the surrounding...
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