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Can you see how steep it was down towards the falls?

Marion Forks and Gooch Falls are quite a ways so we stop to eat lunch and fill up with gas.  This next one is not one of the green ones on our list.  Gooch Falls will require us to get off the highway and take some of those National Forest Service roads.

We find the first turnoff and it is still a paved road that leads back into the forest for nearly a mile, with some small housed and cabins spaced along every couple of hundred feet.

Very steep
 The pavement ends and the four inch by four inch stake sticks up about three feet with the top six inches painted and numbered with the NFS road number.  We knew the number from our data and although slower and bumpier we made our way along it up the small upgrade.  It gets narrower and narrower as we head up.  We did see a split at one point leading off to the right but we saw no sign of the sub-number we were looking for so we just kept on going.  What our data said should have been a mile or so went and we saw no other side roads or trails.  After another mile we decided that we must have missed a turn off.  But there was no place for us to turn around so we slowly reversed down the hill for at least a quarter mile before we found a small spot that allowed us to turn around.  Back down the hill we came to the small side trail we had gone past before.
Very very very steep.
 We turned up this trail and tried to follow it up the hill.  This one was even narrower and much bumpier than the other.  Lots of small branches and rocks in the road/trail made it harder to travel up this one and I was getting very nervous that we would do damage to the car.  After driving about a quarter mile we found a wide spot and after at first driving past it we decided that it was the “parking area” noted in the internet research.  We pulled into it and got out.  The directions said that the trail might be hard to see close to the lot but keep trying.  We did, and finally felt we had found it and began making our way out along thru the forest, the whole time hearing the falls off on our left.  After making our way out for some distance we could see through the trees the water of the falls as it began its fall.  The data we had gathered said there was a rope to help hold as you made your way down the steep hill but we never found it and there was no way we could get any closer without it so we finally gave up and took a few shots before heading back to the car.

Hummingbird says:
You have no clue from the photos just how steep it was down that slope.
Posted on: Mar 31, 2013
spocklogic says:
Good call on not taking the car too far! Sounds like a good call on giving up on finding the rope too : )
Posted on: Mar 31, 2013
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Can you see how steep it was down …
Can you see how steep it was down…
Very steep
Very steep
Very very very steep.
Very very very steep.
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