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Two years ago I travelled through the Southern part of Mexico. Absoultely to recommend, but you need a little time....

We started out in Mexico City, and even if the altitude was a bit of a problem for us Norwegians, we had a great time seeing the city- which I think is underrated and by far as dangerous as it is by reputation. Use common sense, and you'll be fine. If you are in Mexico City, it is a must to go to the pyramids closeby, and to see a little bit of the old culture. The markeds were amazing- and you can get pretty good deals on silver!

Acopulco was next. We didn't want to stay in the "touristy part", so we ended up staying in a hotel where there were a lot of tourists from Mexico. Strange experience.... They were obviously not used to forreigners using these hotels- and we were like tourist attractions to them: they kept taking pictures of us and filming us even if we asked them not to... A bit annoying, but luckily this was the only place we experienced this. The city itself didn't offer much but beaches and pubs.

Next we ended up in Puerto Escondido- my favourite! Calm surf town with few tourists. The hostel was fine as well, the only thing was that when we got into our room, we discovered a huge iguana in the ceiling!! As a Norwegian, I had never seen one before, and neither had my friend. The ppl owning the hostel came to chase it out, but it didn't want to go, so we got a new and even better room. Really nice resturants(cheap) and the locals were really nice as well. I felt like I had stranded in the 70's, there were some hippies there from Europe who had obviosly forgotten about time and place:)

We stopped by several places on our way to Palenque, but just for a day. In Palenque we went out in the rainforrest to see the old Maya ruins. Amazing sight, and absolutely worth a visit. The town of Palence was not much of anywhing, thou.

We stopped by Merida quickly and headed to Cancun. A different world from the small towns- expensive and loads of tourist. It was ok there, but we just partied a couple of nights there, and then we were done  with the place.

Our last stop before going to New York City for a few days, and then back to Norway, was Playa Del Carmen. This was a nicer, more relaxed and more beautiful version of Cancun. We had a good time there, and used the last days on the beach and walking aroung.

We had 3 hectic but nice weeks, and several of the places I would not mind going back to. Going by bus from place to place was not a problem, neither was finding cheap housing when one arrived at a place. Don't regret going, but if I should do it again, I would not go in July/August: it is extemely hot then. We had up to 48 degrees celsius....

vaniljesukker says:
I agree about Palenque, great ruins in the jungle but the town itself is generic concrete =)
Posted on: Jun 02, 2007
SmilingNorwegian says:
hehe...we wish.... but funny ti think of:)
Posted on: Feb 21, 2007
X_Drive says:
The reason they took your pictures was because they thought you were film stars or celebrities! :)
Posted on: Feb 21, 2007
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