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PICS to come when I can be bothered digging out the cables ;-)

So me and my best mate decided it would be a good idea to walk up a Munro a month (Scottish mountain with a peak over 3,000ft or 914m). I think we must have been drunk at the time of the decision!

We packed Friday after work hoping we had forgotten nothing and then headed up. We took my car which is a 2 seater and basically had to cram everything into the boot! Tom ended up with a bag of logs between his legs for the last half hour of the journey.

The drive up is awesome: winding roads through beautiful countryside and if you enjoy driving these are some of the best roads to test yourself in my opinion.

Arrived at campsite and threw up the tent whilst we still had enough light and then we made a campfire and just sat around it with a few beers and burgers, chatting and realising just how high these bloody mountains are!

Next morning we were awoken by the rain pummeling the tent! Not a good sign and I had had basically no sleep anyways because we had managed to pitch the tent on perhaps the most enormous lump in the Highlands :-)

We ate breakfast and packed our walking bag, ever optimistic, and set off.

Judging by this pic of me I reckon we were pretty justified in turning back!!
We had to cross a river and not even ten minutes into our journey I slipped off a rock and soaked my shoes. Great start huh?

The rain was hammering down but me continued up into the hill heading for a sort of alcove which the Munro was on the other side of. We soon realised just how unfit we are, having to stop every fifteen minutes to catch our breath and puffing and panting like old men. It is steep but I must admit our effort was shocking!

When we reached the alcove the wind decided to pick up into a gale, so strong I could actually lie back into it and it held me up! This also drove the rain into us fast enough so that it stung at our skin. We continued on anyways, up the Munro, my trousers sticking to my legs I was so wet and my shoes squelching along.

Wet and windy enough for you?

We made it halfway! Then we were forced to turn back because it was just too dangerous. The wind was blowing us all over the place and it was steep enough and slippery enough that we decided it was not worth breaking our necks over and so we turned back.

Coming down was pretty fun, we fell over tons and slid down most of the way on our asses! :-) Then at the river I was wet enough and cold enough so that I didnt care and just waded through it. Tom decided to attempt to cross it on stones but halfway across, with a huge splash, he fell in. It was hillarious and he was completely soaked!

Freezing cold in the tent we got changed and then Tom informed me he didnt have a change of shoes nor any dry trousers! Haha, we were going to the local pub and so it was off into the tiny village of Glencoe to see what we could find.

The clouds settling in
Luckily there was a 'outdoor clothing' thing on for one day only at the local community centre and so we went in there...and were greeted with the most outrageously colourful and wooly clothes I have ever seen in my life! Tom managed to find a nice pair of extremely tight black trousers and so he got them, haha. There were no shoes so the heater was on full blast in my car on the way to the pub in an attempt to dry them out.

Well they didnt dry, the water only got hot! But that couldnt stop us and so into the Clachaig we went for some food and beer. We soon forgot about our troubles in the warm and friendly atmosphere and just enjoyed ourselves. Some guy sitting next to us turned to me after I ate and said 'not to be a scrounge, but you gonna eat that?' to my leftovers.

He then proceeded to eat it using the fork I had just used and his girlfriend shared it! Is it just me or is that just wrong?! Even more so because they had already ordered their own food which came 2 seconds later!

A band started at 9pm playing some old rock'n'roll and a few Scottish songs which was good and people were up and dancing. It was a great night and me and Tom stumbled out at half 12.

Back at the tent we sat in the car for hours with the roof down just gazing up at the sky. If you get the chance to visit Glencoe then do it! There are no lights and on a clear night the sky is just stunning. We seen 3 shooting stars!!!! I didnt realise they were such a regular occurence and that was the first 3 I have ever seen! It was fantastit and we just sat back and talked about life until we were cold enough and tired enough to stumble into bed.

Great trip although next time we will be checking the weather forecast before attempting a Munro!! :-) 

JeAr says:
what a day!!! i can only imagine the coldness, but i would love to see pics of u guys with those colorful, woolly clothes hahaha! nice ending to the day, though... can't remember the last time i've seen a shooting star, much less three! :)

Posted on: Sep 28, 2008
Aprile says:
Haha, sounds like a memorable trip!! Really nice story, really enjoyed reading it.
U reckon ur gonna give Munro another try some day? :D
Mmm, my guess is that the people who wanted ur leftovers were just some really hungry fellow climbers?? ;)
PS looking forward to the pics!
Posted on: Sep 28, 2008
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Judging by this pic of me I reckon…
Judging by this pic of me I recko…
Wet and windy enough for you?
Wet and windy enough for you?
The clouds settling in
The clouds settling in
Clothes after the hike...wet!
Clothes after the hike...wet!
Breakfast is served!
Breakfast is served!
The beautiful Tom asleep, haha
The beautiful Tom asleep, haha
Me just waking up
Me just waking up
For some reashis guy was getting t…
For some reashis guy was getting …
Did I forget to tell you that coke…
Did I forget to tell you that cok…
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