Gray days always make me a little haywire.

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I had set my alarm for 8 o'clock sharp since my boyfriend said he wanted to leave his place by 9. Of course the alarm wasn't needed, I woke up on my own at 7. Woohoo. The first thing I realized was that it was raining. "Perfect" I thought. I had been keeping track of the weather online for the past few days but was hoping that it would miraculously change somehow. I decided I wouldn't let this deter me and proceeded to get ready for the outing.

I was ready and out the door by around 7:50. I had gotten to the end of my street and realized, "DANG! I forgot my cell." So I had to turn around and head back for that. I was back on the road and still pleased with myself for being early. After about ten minutes of driving I felt like something wasn't quite right... Hmm... I had put on my make-up so I knew that wasn't it. I checked in my purse for my digital camera, that was there. I had my jacket and whatnot on the back seat... I reached up and realized I wasn't wearing jewelry. Already having turned around once I wasn't about to do it again for vanity... I kept driving and singing along with whatever was on my iPod at the time (I have a car hookup so I wasn't using earbuds while driving, in case you were wondering) and looked over at the passenger seat. The empty passenger seat. "Oh, son of a...". Yes, I had forgotten the directions. Finding this to be a bit more important than the jewelry I turned around and headed back, once again, to get the bloody directions. And yes, this sort of thing happens to me all the time... :-/

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