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first peruvian lunch mmmm

For about soon one year ago we were four boys that decided to go to South America for a three weeks trip. Two slovaks (Martin and Marian) one Chezh (Pavel) and one from sweden ME...

So three weeks later from the day we decided to go we paid our flight ticket so then there was no turn back....

Actually when I paid my ticket there was happening something funny. I had got every information from Martin for the payment since he was the one the communicated with the Austrian guy that helped us to arrange the flight ticket to South America. So I went to the bank and made the payment. Later on after the weekly swimming together with my friends from work and Martin of course I showed Martin the payment I made because I was so happy that we were going.

Martin checkin how it is going... hello to you Martin
Martin was asking me:

- Dan, why is there me my address on the beneficiary bank address?

I looked at it and there it was, I really thought and wondered how I could put that address there... I answered:

  • Hmm, I am not sure but I think I got it from the email which you sent. We took a look at the email because I had it printed out to be able to bring it to the bank. The address was no where in the email... We both started to laugh about the mystery. Martin continued.

  • This we have to add to your x-files.

However, the trip were closing in.

Jenny in the love park
Before the trip I prepared my self so I bought a new blue jacket which was windproof and waterproof, a  new big orange backpack, a blue cap, new shoes etc... The jacket got stolen in Colca Canyon when we were taking a swim in the hot springs. It was very irritating but it was the last days so I was lucky to that I did not need it so much.

We also had to take a couple of injections to vaccinate ourselves against hepatitis A and B and Typhoid, Yellow fever etc. The funny thing was that we had heard everywhere that the Yellow Fever was a must because they would not let us in to the country (Bolivia) if we would not have the proof of the yellow fever to show. Guess what, there were no control by the border what so ever.

Jenny and Cynthia in love... I mean it is the love park isnt it??? hehe...

After have fixed all the necessary things there was only one month to go before we took off to Madrid where our trip started. So I just needed to prepare myself mentally... I was so excited and happy that I was leaving to South America over the sea, to another continent outside of the borders of Europe.

Suddenly the day came and I had cleaned my room packed my bags so I left my room, wondered for one minute if I would see it again. The door slammed and I was on my way.

I came to our lovely grey old bus station. I was the first one but just 10 minutes later came Martin and then also Marian and we bought some food at the bus station and then we went out for the bus.

I love myself.... hehe
I left some coins inside which I did not want to have with me because they were only going to be trouble in the airport security control. But we needed some coins of course to pay for the luggage for the bus trip... hehe

Pavel was already in Madrid, Spain since a couple of days back so he had wished us bon voyage by sms. Also Harri our Indian friend which is working with me in Accenture had written us sms, Martin read it to me: Dear Martin and Dan, have a good trip and do not accept food from strangers when you go with the train because you can wake up and all of your things will be gone. We were touched by his message at the same time as we were laughing a bit. Harri meant well, but we wondered what he could know about South America because he had never been there.

The bus went off and our trip had finally started.

our view to the sea
For Marian it was the first time in an airplane so we wondered how it would go for him because we had to go with quite many planes the first days. We flew the first day to Madrid from Vienna and the following day we went from Madrid to Paris, from Paris to Sao Paulo (Brazil) and then from Sao Paulo to Lima (Peru).

When we arrived to Madrid Pavel met us close to the flat where we were staying over the night. It was about 23.30 and we saw children still playing outside in the streets... hmm, should they not be in bed and sleep we were wondering.

We went in to the flat and there we met Erica which lived there and she had made some food for us together with Pavel. We were really hungry so it was a great idea. We ate some food and looked at some music channel.

Another photo... could you hold my camera for a while I gotta... hehe I am kidding...
The conversation went in Slovak, but since I have been learning for a while I can finally understand the language quite good and I can as well speak although not as good as I understand I could also enjoy the talk.

We decided what to do the next day and then we went to sleep... zzzzzzzz

The next day Martin, Marian and me went out to do Madrid. Pavel was sleeping since he has already seen most of the things in Madrid. We were walking and walking and walking... it was a big city, but still not as big as Lima or Sao Paulo in South America. After have seen all the important old famous building and after taken all the necessary tourist photos we came to the main square in Madrid, where they were preparing the Madrid marathon.

Cythia by night
There we waited for Pavel and Erica to come and meet us. We were suppose to eat some lunch before it was time for us to take off against Paris and later further on to South America. We had a great lunch together with a glass of Sangria. Erica wished us a great travel and a lot of fun while we were away.

After the lunch we were ready for the next flight, second flight for Marian... hehe

The second flight was with Air France which was much better than Iberia which took us to Madrid from Vienna. In Iberia you had to pay for drinks and food served at the airplane when we were airborne. However in Air France the food was for free as well as the drinks. Pavel took the opportunity to order as much drinks as possible... I think he managed to drink one beer, juice, coffee and a small bottle of red wine in 1 hour if I can recall correctly.

Michael by night
.. hehe

When we arrived to Paris we had two hours until our next flight went to Sao Paulo (Brazil). Marian was still ok after his second flight, he started to get used he said... hehe

In Paris at Charles de Gaul airport there was not so much happening. We were just waiting for our next flight. As we were in one bus which took us to our department hall and gate we were seeing some action. There were a man which had been assaulted by a taxi driver and there was the policemen and ambulance in due to all the blood that was running down the head of the injured man.

After two three minutes we went further because we wanted to eat before we went over the ocean. What could be better than McDonalds.

Martin... photo maniac... hehe
I know that McDonalds is one of the most crappy restaurant in the world, but on the airport is the only one that has normal prices.

Suddenly after eaten we heard that it was time to go on the flight. This time we flew with the airline TAM. I think the airline was ok but I have not been flying with any other airline over the ocean so I can not really compare. I mean we got food we got drinks, blanket, toothbrush etc. There was as well movies so we should not get bored. Marian fell asleep quickly because I did not understand English nor Spanish so there were no suitable movies for him. However the movies were only in Spanish because there were technical fault with language... so even for me it was boring, but it was better to sleep than to stay awake during the night to see movies.

3 happy people, drinking maybe Pisco sour

When I woke up we were nearly there in Sao Paulo. The plane started to go lower down to prepare for landing.

The landing was safe, thanks god. I have heard that TAM and Sao Paulo was not a good combination because there had been a crash there the previous year, however it was on the domestic airport and not the international so it was not where we landed.

I could already notice that we were somewhere different than Europe. It was smelling different, the air was more smoggy as I was taking a deep breath after gasping. The people that surrounded us looked different we were now a part of the minority... hehe it was a great feeling to feel that I was outside of the borders of Europe.

hmmm... it really was a great lunch
We had little time at the airport in Sao Paulo so we stayed at the airport waiting for our next flight that would take us to our starting destination of our trip in South America. Anyway on our way back to Europe we would have 11 hours so we decided to go and visit the city then, which we did but that is a later story.

While we were waiting to board our flight to Lima we could see our TAM flight, which brought us to Brazil to go away for another destination. We waved the airplane goodbye and we went on our last flight for some time. This time we went with the airline LAN, which I must say was a really good flight. They also provided us with movies, food and blankets etc. This was Marians fourth flight and he had still not been able to sit by the window. I got the window seat and I did not wanted to give it away because I wanted to see the continent how it was looking from the sky.

inca temple in Lima
.. Marian was saying to me that at least one time he wanted to sit by the window and I answered to him that I would give my window seat if I got any on the way back home. Hehe I did not get any window seat at the way home so I could not give him. But he got to sit by the window on the way back home but it was most of the times dark because we flew twice during the evenings or nights so it was unlucky for Marian.

Peru / Lima

It was very interesting to see the continent South America from the sky although I only saw Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. From the window I could see the mountains, the brown landscape and the huge lake Titicaca. I knew directly that it had to be the Lake which we would visit because which other lake could be so huge.

Martin and Marian in the inca temple
Five hours later the airplane landed in Lima and we were finally there. Happy and excited what it would be like to take on Lima, we took our bags packs and headed against the exit where there were a taxi driver awaiting us. He had a sign with Martins name written which he held up by the exit among fifty other taxi drivers. Each one offering a different price, but most of the taxi drivers were to expensive for us of course and our taxi driver took us directly to Yadis front door after driving for about 50 minutes, the city Lima is huge.

Yadi,a Peruvian girl that helped us so much with organizing our trips in South America by giving us tips and looking up prices for our domestic journeys with buses around the country etc. She is a very nice, happy, enthusiastic girl which by the way is very active in Travbuddy. She lives in a beautiful house in an area called Surco with her mom and dad and of course her dog Gunther if I remember correctly.

Inca temple in Lima

We went out and rang at the bell and Yadi came out. We got all a warm welcome by Yadi and her dog Gunther. We put our luggage in her office for later when we would travel to Ayacucho during the night. Her office were full of pictures from Travbuddy meetings... I wonder if I will be there on the wall now... hehe

As Martin was playing with Gunther the rest of us got ready to move further out to arrange the ticket for the bus and later for eating lunch. Almost when were about to leave Martin was shocked not finding his camera. I was laughing a bit by I did not say anything there yet to Martin that they have been teasing me to not forget anything because normally it can happen that I forget things.

Martin saying hello to the dead guys... hehe
.. but this time it was Martin. Luckily he had dropped it in the taxi so he had luck that we had the phone number to the taxi. So he got the camera back 10 minutes later and then we could leave the house for adventures in Lima.

Yadi had a car so she took us to all the places we needed to go to fix the ticket to Ayacucho. To buy the ticket was not so difficult we just needed to run between some places to pay, show the receipt and also exchange money and then it was fixed... hehe The shop looked not so different from our shops here. It was like a Tesco. It also had many floors separated in different departments like Tesco. One thing that was different here maybe was that they had coca candy, coca leaves and coca tea.

This is forbidden in Europe, why it is forbidden I do not really understand because I did not feel anything special when I were eating or drinking the coca leaves.

Cactus... there are quite many catus plants in Peru
My mother was in shock when I said that I had taken many coca leaves and drank much coca tea to fight against the altitude sickness “Soroche”.... hehe this is the European perspective on the coca plant. Another friend of me asked me how it worked how many he had to take to make it work and if it was possible that it was from this leaf that they made cocaine from. I said no you can not make drug from this and furthermore I explained that there were no special effect coming to you by eating or drinking the coca leaves. He did not believe me and he took eight leaves in his mouth. I was laughing because the leaves does not taste so good. They are bitter and it is the best to make tea from them.

Let me as well explain the sickness “Soroche”. It is a sickness which you can get when you are on high altitudes.

I love the ocean it is making me home sick
You get dizzy, breathing faster, loose your appetite, vomit and so on. You can not really tell who will get it since to be fit is no protection either you get it or not. They say that 50 % of the tourists gets it, but if this was to be true than one more in our gang should have got it. To avoid this you must take it slowly the first days on the high altitude to get used to the climate and the thin air. Furthermore you should not eat so much but drink much coca tea and take some soroche pills. Well to avoid it to 100 % then you should stay by the sea... hehe

Great, we had our bus ticket to Ayacucho our travel plan was going as planned so far. We went then further to the restaurant where we had our first Peruvian meal. We had fish which we dipped in to different sauces and there was also some kind of cheese balls which was delicious along with other tasty food.

I love the ocean nr. 2
In the middle of the table there was salted corn as snack... hehe it was good mmmm... To the food I had my first Inca Cola.

Inca Cola was the Peruvian answer to Coca Cola like Kofola in Slovakia. It was yellow sweet carbonated liquid which was tasting very good. I heard that Coca Cola had problem with the sales in Peru because of the Inca Cola so Coca Cola bought of course Inca Cola to solve the problem. I am a member now in my first group in travbuddy because of Inca Cola. All the members in this group loves Inca Cola. During my trip in Peru, Bolivia I had a few Inca Colas... hehe and I am still looking forward to have a cold glass of Inca Cola one day.

During the lunch we got to know the young Peruvian girl Yadi better.

beautiful baby palm tree
As we later moved further to Mira Flores we met the travbuddies: Jenny, Cynthia and Michael as well. We all went together to one old Inca temple in Lima which was of course an archeological place where people could enter for 8 soles. We came there when it was time to close so we had to convince them to let us in to see the temple and we promised to be fast. We were quite fast so we missed some places but we got some inputs from the tourists there which had been through the whole place with a guide. The time had destroyed most of the temple in due to that the temple was constructed by mud and water and some stones which had felled apart during the years. It did not look very stabile and maybe that was the case. There were some sculptures of how the people may have looked from that time. They were looking very small... hehe but in many places where we were staying in Peru there they had small entrances so many times we hit our heads.
Yadi smiling
.. hehe so I think that the people in Peru is not as tall as people in Europe.

From the Inca Temple we moved on to the Love park by the sea. By the sea there were much cactus plants, palm trees, kissing couples, people flying in the sky and many benches for siting with your love to enjoy the view out over the sea. We came to one part where you could think for a while that you were in Barcelona in Gaudy park, because the ceramic thing along the walking path looked the same. We took many pictures there of each other. Everyone posing and laughing seeing more and more couples approaching us while we were taking crazy photos.

The wind coming from the sea was nice and it remind me of my home town in Sweden. Thousands of times I have been walking along the beach home in Sweden because it is the nicest walk you can do, according to me.

.. hehe... best in the summer and spring of course.

When we walked further we came close to the bridge where many sad people have jumped from because they have got their hearts broken. Now they had build protection on the sides of the bridge to stop the crazy jumping, but in fact if the people really want to jump they can go 6 meters from the bridge and jump there instead... hehe

Suddenly it was time again to sit down for another drink. This time we had to try the Pisco Sour. I did not drink that day because I did not feel so well to be able to drink alcohol, but I promised that I would drink with the people when we came back to Lima in the end of our trip, which I did... hehe

So I had another Inca Cola.

.. hehe it was good. I was talking with the people and enjoying the atmosphere. I could still not really imagine that I was in South America in Lima in a pub drinking, talking and having fun. Well the fun was not for so long because we had to go to take the bus to Ayacucho. We were saying goodbye to Jenny, Cynthia and Michael and said that we would meet them later on the meet up in Lima. Yadi took us to the bus station and we were off with the bus to Ayacucho.


The bus ride over the night was totally ok. I was sleeping most of the time full with energy when we arrived to the city Ayacucho. Beautiful, nice small city with many people though laying not so far away from Lima.

The bus took 8 – 9 hours from Lima. It was the second city in Peru which I saw. However I thought that Ayacucho was looking much different from Lima. Maybe because Lima was a rich city by the coast since it is the capital city. The houses were looking like a bit colonial stile with small windows and doors. The houses were many laying close to each other separated with small streets where there were women dressed in traditional clothes trying to sell souvenirs and many other things to the few tourists walking by.

Our first mission was to find the accommodation and then we continued with our second mission which was to organize the bus to Cusco for the next day. We found an accommodation in the center of the city quite close to the main square.

It was a  nice place with warm water, television which was more than we needed. Ok the warm water was important to be able to take a shower, but otherwise it was more than ok.

I even found a way how to get on the roof of the hostel and from there I shot some pictures. It was nice to be able to see the city from another perspective. Many buildings in the same height every building having nearly the same color and the same type of roof. Also you could see the hills in the background surrounding the city.

After shower and the fixing of the bus ticket we went out in the city. In the city there was not so many big streets but there were much traffic and much honking. The traffic is crazy in Peru, the cars are honking for everything and everyone. I noticed also that they had more dental places than restaurants as we were searching after a place to have lunch but it was hard to find any maybe we were searching in the wrong place, but I got surprised when I got to see more and more dental places... hehe

The main square was nice with a statue in the middle and around it was some plants and around the square was a church, the town hall and another important buildings like in many other similar cities that was influenced by the Spanish architecture.

Finally we found a small place where we could have lunch. The lady working there did not wrote up the order when she asked us but she had it in her head and she was serving so many tables that it was incredible that she remembered. Yes, although it was a small restaurant there was quite many tables and people eating there.

I had an Inca Cola again... hehe and as I was drinking it I was hearing some music coming from outside from the streets. The sound became stronger and stronger as the marching group was in the end right outside of the restaurant. Happy, smiling, dancing and singing over 100 persons went past us and continued against the main square. We went from our table and made photos from the happy colorful singing walking train of Peruvian people in their traditional clothes.

After a while we went back in to finish our meal and to move further in our exploration of the small city. We managed to see some churches, some old buildings and we went also through the market place. There they had so many things in the huge place. I went only straight to not get lost inside the building so I probably missed many things though I did not buy anything. They did not have Inca cola there hehehe... so no deal...

There was also a second mission, which maybe we could call a mini mission because it did not include all of us . To find postcard was and still is very important for Martin as well as it was for Marian . It was funny to see how Martin ran from place to place and among the streets to find the shop which sell the postcards in every town during our trip in South America.

The sun started to go down as we had walked through the city and seen very much. We went to eat again next to a big church in a very small restaurant. Outside there was a man painted in silver acting like a robot which made sounds and movements every time there fell some coins or bills into his hat. The children loved him so he was sounding the whole time constantly. He was fun for 20 minutes but then we had enough so went back to our hostel to end they day.

The following day we had a long journey in front of us. We went with bus for 22 hours from Ayacucho to Cusco.

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first peruvian lunch mmmm
first peruvian lunch mmmm
Martin checkin how it is going... …
Martin checkin how it is going...…
Jenny in the love park
Jenny in the love park
Jenny and Cynthia in love... I mea…
Jenny and Cynthia in love... I me…
I love myself.... hehe
I love myself.... hehe
our view to the sea
our view to the sea
Another photo... could you hold my…
Another photo... could you hold m…
Cythia by night
Cythia by night
Michael by night
Michael by night
Martin... photo maniac... hehe
Martin... photo maniac... hehe
3 happy people, drinking maybe Pis…
3 happy people, drinking maybe Pi…
hmmm... it really was a great lunch
hmmm... it really was a great lunch
inca temple in Lima
inca temple in Lima
Martin and Marian in the inca temp…
Martin and Marian in the inca tem…
Inca temple in Lima
Inca temple in Lima
Martin saying hello to the dead gu…
Martin saying hello to the dead g…
Cactus... there are quite many cat…
Cactus... there are quite many ca…
I love the ocean it is making me h…
I love the ocean it is making me …
I love the ocean nr. 2
I love the ocean nr. 2
beautiful baby palm tree
beautiful baby palm tree
Yadi smiling
Yadi smiling
photo by: rsvpme