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The next morning it was up before dawn so we could watch the sunrise over Uluru......again with hundreds of other tourists.....but that didn't take away from the fact it is still AWESOME.

I walked around about half of the base walk (the full walk is around 10 kms). Was superb to be right there watching the shadows move across this amazing red rock looming above you. Well defined flat path winds it way around the huge monolith with plenty of scrub and grass around. Felt quite a spiritual and mysterious ambience during this time. Saw some ancient rock art.

Spent some time at the Cultural Center/Gallery near the rock then did a walk of another section of the base with our guide as he gave lots of interesting information about the local Aboriginal history, dreaming, use of plants, and the rocks role in their culture/spiritual life.

 Some of the group chose to hike up the rock but I felt to hot and tired to attempt the long hard trek. The views from the top are amazing (as seen in others photos). The rock is often closed to tourists due to high winds, high temperatures ,or sacred ceremonies. The indigineous owners request that you don't actually climb the rock, but I don't think they mind too much during normal times. Uluru was closed the day before due to 2 rescues by helicopter...1 suffering heatstroke, the other a broken leg! Our tour guides were very good at telling us how much water one needs to drink when hiking in this semi arid country.....2 litres per 3 hours at least!

Was very sad to leave the area as I would really have liked to stay and explore for a few days but after lunch we headed 4 hours north to Kings Canyon. We saw wild brumbies, camels and a couple of wallabies on the way. We also stopped to collect old dry mulga for firewood  for the nights campfire.

skippyed says:
Next time I go I want to walk around the base. Ive done the climb so I dont need to do it again!
Posted on: Oct 27, 2008
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Alice Springs
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