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North India has already sold itself to me, I have already fallen under its spell of natural beauty. The only season that I had not witnessed was that of the monsoon.

Monsoon is so beautiful and yet so claustrophobic, hemming you in with its rain laden clouds which feel so close you could reach out and touch them. Monsoon is the time of little work and relaxing, a brief respite from the oppressive heat. Its also the time of leeches, snakes, going to sleep on a damp bed, mould on everything and for the unfortunate ones, floods and damage.

I think it is for me the time of love and hate which sums my feelings for India up as a whole. I love it and may end up living there but there are things that infuriate me and that I dislike immensely.

I love the people of the Himalayas, their lifestyle and simple fun. I love riding through the streets at dusk, listening to children laughing, adults talking all mixing with the sweet smell of insence, spices and cowdung. For me nowhere is like India and India in itself varies so much from one state to the next. It is my love of wildlife that took me there and it still never fails to make me stop and just observe, taking in the sights and sounds of the forest. We passed a wild tuskar who was munching on a tree for his supper at the side of the road and delayed our trip just to watch. The children at school have posters of animals we have as pets and unlike UK they have buffalo, elephant and goat. Sometimes I feel like I am in a dream. I love this country, give me more!!!



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