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Melbourne harbour

Two of my very good friends had moved to Melbourne a couple of years earlier and had been trying to get me over there since.  Finally I had this opportunity to stop into their place on my way back.  I stayed with them for about a week and I really enjoyed their new home town a great deal!

Melbourne sits on the banks of the Yarra River where it flows out into the sea.  Taina and Peter's flat overlooked the park where they hold the Grand Prix and they annually had a house full of fans that week.

Whilst I was with them they had another guest and Jill and I spent a bit of time wandering around the shops and enjoying the cafes.
  One weekend T&P took us down to Yarra Valley for lunch at one of the wineries.

Luna Park detail
  We also visited Healesville Sanctuary where we were able to see all the animals they were tending.  It was my first look (and feel) of a Wombat.  Much bigger than I had expected them to be.

I also spent an afternoon wandering around Melbourne's Royal Botanical Gardens.  This place has an excellent reputation and I was well pleased as I wandered about smelling the flowers and enjoying the afternoon.
  As the sun lowered I became aware of a tree full of bats.  They were starting to do their thing and it wasn't until they were waking that I even noticed they were there.

I realised as I sat in various parks and cafes around the city that the end of my search was very near.  Jill was an older woman who had been very successful financially.  We spent a lot of our time together chatting about money and investment.  I owe most of my knowledge to these chats and I am happy to say that I still use her advice today.

I think I have located a few clues along my trail but the big questions have not yet been answered.  I was positive that getting back to Hamilton and once again putting on my uniform to head off to work was going to be just the thing to crystalise my thoughts.

I loved the feel of Melbourne but I was out of time and couldn't give it the attention it deserved.  That would have to wait for another time.  I was ready to go home and get started.

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Melbourne harbour
Melbourne harbour
Luna Park detail
Luna Park detail
photo by: jendara