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Lookout below

It was when I was just a young fella that my grand parents left New Zealand and joined their youngest daughter in WA.  They obviously did their own exploration of the new land upon their arrival, wanting to know where they were etc.

Well, one of the souvenirs they sent back home to us was a set of place mats with photographs of the most amazing red land I had ever seen -Kalbari.

The first place we were visiting this morning was that area.  I was pretty excited because I'd always been in awe of those pictures as I sat and waited for my dinner to arrive at the table.

Incredibly enough it was exactly the same in real life.  I even recognised a couple of the rock formations that were obviously the most picturesque on the valley, or perhaps the most photographed.

Oh, freaky face-down job!

There were also some activities that could be done there and I decided I would have a crack at the abseiling.  I hadn't done any since I was scout but it was pretty straight forward and came back to me in no time.

After doing a couple of drops backwards, in the usual fashion, the bloke asked me if I was up for a forward drop.

Well, this was new.  I'd never repelled forward over a cliff before but I guess it was safe enough, so after he gave me a few pointers about limb positioning and weight etc, over I went.

It was a fairly short drop over the face so I managed to get a couple of forward runs and a rearward job for my money before I wandered around to track down the others.

They were down by the river and when I reached them I discovered exactly how good the photos were on those place mats.
Kalbari ravine

It was early in the day, but the ravine down by the river would have thrown plenty of shadow no matter what. 
  I just could NOT get a decent shot due to the contrast of us, the red stone, the shadow and the blue sky.  I was pretty bummed but worked hard at it anyway.
  It was easier once we climber to the top of the valley as I was better able to arrange angles to suit the sun.

After spending a reasonable time there (although I think I would consider a week-long hike/camping expedition in the area to be very reasonable) we piled back into the bus and continued North.

The next stop was a placed called Shark Bay.  We didn't go swimming.

I don't know if there was a good reason for calling the place Shark Bay but the coast was great with it's ruggedness.
Stromatalite watching

One of the sights we were going to see was a place out in the ocean where "Stromatalites" grew.

These things were pre-historic and I figured that something that could be as old as the earth itself would surely be able to help me with my search for purpose.

We arrived as the sun was dipping into the Indian Ocean.
  Walking out on the boardwalk, Paddy was pumping the experience up - perhaps making it sound too exciting but I figured anything worth building a board walk out into the ocean for was worth a look.

Stromatalites might have been here since the dawn of time but I have to say it would be a very very patient man that would gain any sort of insight into Life, The Universe, and Everything by asking these creatures their opinion.

I'm not going to tell you anything about them.  I figure it might spoil the thrill for you should you manage to make the journey one day!

We spent the night at the Denham Hostel.  Paddy had some mates in the town ans so we walked around to their place after dinner and sat around the camp fire for a few beers.

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Lookout below
Lookout below
Oh, freaky face-down job!
Oh, freaky face-down job!
Kalbari ravine
Kalbari ravine
Stromatalite watching
Stromatalite watching
Deep and meaningfuls around the …
"Deep and meaningfuls" around the…
photo by: cimtech