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Rolling out Highway Patrol

So, back at home.  Back at work. 

The interesting thing about that was in a few months time New Zealand was going to start up a Highway patrol Group to really get serious about our high road toll.  I decided this was a bit of me and in December Hamilton lead the way with the huge media launch of the Group.
The newspaper men were put into my patrol car and we all headed out onto the roads to get to it.  The first day went well.  The national coverage was impressive, and of course there was lots of opinion about why we had suddenly become so serious.

It gave me a new-found interest and lots of new challenges.  The brand new car didn't make the work any more unpleasant either!

I also gave a lot of thought to my concerns about having work and personal life mixed.

Down comes the little cottage
  Nic was at Police College when I arrived back in the country and I thought long and hard about what I wanted there.  I decided not to brush aside something I enjoyed just because I had the idea it wasn't going to work out.
  I left her to get on with her learning and then when she returned to Hamilton we went out to cellibrate at The Hillcrest tavern.  "The HillY" is the closest pub to the Waikato University Campus so the place is all about loud music and good times!  I don't need to go into detail but Nic and I got back together.

Then Adi came through my place.  I hadn't seen him since he and Petra went a different direction from Terry and I at Coral Bay.  He spent a few nights before heading to the South Island for a month.  He came back through on the way back to Auckland airport.
Rolling in 4 bits of two new houses
  It was good to see him again after the excitement of my trip away.  He was also happy to be able to take a short stop in a proper home rather than a hostel.

A short time after he left I caught the Frank Lloyd Wright movie at the Hamilton Film Society and that was the final push I needed to make my mind up on the house.

I spent a few month designing what I wanted to do and finally came the time to make a move.  I got all the tools out and set to wrecking my little cottage.
It was a huge job and all up it took me 2.5 years to get it finished.  I was working before and after my own shifts.  I had to move in with Nic during the period my place was uninhabitable and the weather also was against me as New Zealand suffered record rainfall for the three months that I moved out of Nic's back into my shell of a house.
Documentary evidence of the huge job

It was such a challenge that the housing company that sold me the buildings passed my details onto a television company that was doing a documentary about crazy Kiwis that "do it themselves".   My 15 minutes of fame!

Everyone kept asking me if I would do it again.  I just kept saying, "Let me get it done once first!"

Near the end of the project I moved back to Tokoroa so after all that effort I never got to live in the houses completed.  I do still own them though so that journey might still be on the cards.

The funny thing is; that three months I spent trying to find the answers in Western Australia was only the beginning of where I ended up.

I traveled to the trees, and to the sea.  I searched the desert and deep underground.  I found plenty of new friends and got some great advice from my old ones; but it wasn't until I was outside looking back in that I realised what I had was worth investment -yeah, plenty of money, but mostly just time and effort.

... and look where I am now thanks to all that!

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Rolling out Highway Patrol
Rolling out Highway Patrol
Down comes the little cottage
Down comes the little cottage
Rolling in 4 bits of two new houses
Rolling in 4 bits of two new houses
Documentary evidence of the huge j…
Documentary evidence of the huge …
Very nearly finished
Very nearly finished
photo by: Koralifix