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Ohh, they look so pretty!

Couple of days later we headed North from Bunbury to visit the Bird Park in Mandurah.

It's only about an hour from Bunbury so we didn't need to hurry. 

We stopped here and there to look at the sites along the way and even when we got to Mandurah there were things worth seeing in the town.

One of the interesting things we stopped to look at was that this was the beginning of Western Australia's housing explosion. 

Mandurah was having a new subdivision created near the coast.  Alongside the sections water was flowing through canals.
  A home to park your family.  A garage to park your car.  A canal to park your boat.

Even Nana's having a good time

I was sure I'd develop a few ideas I could take home to my own property by wandering slowly about this new development.

We then swung by the Bird Park.

There was plenty to look at, aviaries filled with all the Australian parrots which were so spectacular compared to the regular garden variety bird I was used to seeing in New Zealand.

Sure, I hear you say, but you have the Kiwi!

Yes.  We do have the Kiwi but those lovely icons only run about in the dark, there are very few of them, and those, mostly in Kiwi Houses attached to tourist attractions where the cost to get in funds the breeding programme.

I've only seen a kiwi myself about 3 times in my years.

After the aviaries we moved around to the stock yards.  Well they looked like stock yards to me but they were in fact Ostrich yards.
Arrh! In the front, out the back
  I saw a bunch of the silly looking things over the far side and felt a little disappointed I couldn't get a good look. 
  We hung about though and in no time they had run across to get a good look at us.

These suckers were big (and rather smelly actually) and I was a little shocked by that.

New Zealand was also the home of the Moa (the largest bird known at up to 4m in height - now extinct) and the Ostrich was only about a half of the size of that monster. 
  I would have loved to see the Moa grazing on our school fields each day, but I guess it would have made our soccer games pretty unpleasant, kinda like playing on a paddock after the cows had wandered through I imagine!

Once we'd seen enough of the Ostrich we headed back towards the exit where the owner of the bird park came out and placed a number of colourful parrots all over our shoulders and heads where they would feed from the fruit held in our hands.

Birds are messy things.  All I can say is I am pleased they were such small birds and not the ostriches that were processing the fruit so rapidly through their systems!

The birds didn't whisper any secrets into my ears though.  My searching would continue....

We returned to Bunbury and I gave thought to where I might journey next.

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Ohh, they look so pretty!
Ohh, they look so pretty!
Even Nanas having a good time
Even Nana's having a good time
Arrh!  In the front, out the back
Arrh! In the front, out the back
photo by: amanda576