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Petra, Paddy, Terry, Me, Bryn and Adi stand near some non-descript pinnacles

Being a regular visitor to Western Australia, or Bunbury where my Aunty lived, meant that I had seen a lot of the area South of Perth.  What I hadn't seen anything of was the Northern coastal area. 

I decided the best way to remedy this was to jump on a tour bus and have someone take me to all the spots worth seeing.

The tour that I decided on was Easyrider.  They had a bus that shot up the coast every three days.  The plan takes you to several of the interesting places along the way and stops at towns overnight where you have the option to jump off, stay to explore at your liesure and then jump back on the next bus (or the next, or next...) coming through.

You pay for a 5 day trip up, with stops (but taking as long as you wish by jumping off and on), then the return home is foot to the floor all the way, non-stop.

Roadside wildflower

I made arrangements for the bust to collect me from the YHA and then we drove around to several other Perth accomodations until we had all our crew.

Paddy was our driver.  He was about my age and was a pretty typical, hard-case Aussie bloke. 

With me, there were only 5 paid passengers for him to drive.  I was pretty pleased it was a small group.  I'd never done anything like an arranged bus tour before and I wasn't too sure about what it would be like.

There was Terry from the UK, he was the oldest bloke, and had been in Perth doing a bit of work with his brother-in-law.  He had to head back to England as his visa was due to expire but he wanted to see a bit of WA before he left.
  He was also keen to start the paperwork so he could return to the country permanently.
White ants are the main architects of the area

Bryn was the youngest of our crew and was also from the UK.  He was pretty cool but after the second day he opted to stop in a town, whereas the rest of us continued on our way without him.

Petra was from Germany.  She was about my age and we became good friends.  I still have contact with her now and then.
She's been to NZ a couple of times over the years and has stayed at my place here in Te Puke too.

Petra was traveling with a young Isreali guy named Adi.  They'd met on the trail and decided to sightsee together.
  Adi was a bright boy and I liked chatting to him about life in his country.  He was heading to NZ after he'd done the tour of Aus so I invited him to catch up with me in Hamilton.
  He did that and stayed with me for a week on his way down country and a few nights on his way back up.
Late afternoon in the bus

...and that was us.

Obviously it took a while for the love to spread.  Paddy did what he had to do to get us all relaxed and talking to each other.

Our first stop was at the Pinnacles Desert in the Nambung National Park.

Paddy had a bunch of these strange monoliths that he liked to point out.  There were names like "The Dick", "Three Witches", "Hunchback" so you know what they all looked like, right?

Anyway, we arrived at the park and he said we had to keep moving because we had some distance to cover and not much time.  We trotted about the Desert checking out the formations and making appropriate "ohh, Ahh" noises.

I didn't think I nedded a photo of "The Dick" or any of the other oddities but before we jumped back on the Easyrider bus I snapped us all showing we were starting to bond quite nicely.

That was the only thing we did that first day except for checking out a few wildflowers along the roadside.  It was a little early for the full bloom but we broke the trip up to check them out all the same.

We also had a run through the massive Termite hills spread over the landscape, and of course we took time to do some shopping, have some lunch, and throw the football around a bit.

Good stuff!

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Petra, Paddy, Terry, Me, Bryn and …
Petra, Paddy, Terry, Me, Bryn and…
Roadside wildflower
Roadside wildflower
White ants are the main architects…
White ants are the main architect…
Late afternoon in the bus
Late afternoon in the bus
photo by: tj1777