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Apartment living

Terry headed back to his In-laws place satisfied that this was definitely the country for him.  I wrote to him a couple of times in the next 12 months but he hadn't managed to relocate from Hull when we lost contact.  Hopefully he's living the dream in WA now.

Hangin' in Perth I again hit the streets and explored further afield.

One of the guys who shared by room at the hostel had told me about the Nike Factory Shop so one day saw me wander out there and back.  I'm really not much of a shopper but I managed to find a couple of things that have been handy on my travels since then. 
  Yep, 8 years and I haven't replaced the clothing items with the next season's line - Shocking!!

I basically spent the days sitting in cafes drinking coffees or Peppermint tea, doing some window shopping, writing poetry or wandering back up to Kings Park.

"Oh I'm so depressed! Whose tail is this?"

One night I went to the theater and saw a production of Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream".  Enjoyed it thoroughly!

On the 9th I visited the Perth Zoo.
I'd been to the zoo with my Grandparents years earlier but I couldn't remember much about it.

I  took the ferry across the Swan River, which was a nice start to the day.  It's then just a short 5 minute walk up the road to the zoo itself.

There were plenty of families walking along the path in front and behind me.  I guess we were all a little excited about spending a day in the sun with the animals etc.

Well, the first place I went into was the reptile and snake house.  No sun in there but plenty of creepy things to go "Oh" and "Ahh" over - Cool!
We don't have snakes in New Zealand so I've always had a bit of a fond fascination about the slithering critters.
"Damn! Now I've got cold feet.""
  I wasn't at all displeased that they were on the other side of glass though, I'm not THAT fascinated!

But speaking of reptiles, the most amazing thing I saw that day was a 4m long Crocodile.  This thing was a monster!
  It didn't move at all and I found it hard to believe it was real.  It just lay there in the tank watching and waiting for one of us to make the silly mistake of climbing up the glass sides of the tank, remove the lid, and dive in.  Whew, luckily none of us were that clumsy to make a mistake like that.
  The thing got fed a goat once a week anyway, so it was probably full (though I reckon at that size a goat was just a snack).  It was pretty much the only time it put on any sort of show.
  That didn't stop me hanging about in hope for half an hour before I hit the trail again.
"D'y dig it?"

I liked the way Perth zoo was laid out.  To me the animals were housed in pretty satisfactory habitats, rather than cages or concrete boxes.
  There was not a huge array of species to see but certainly enough to fill my day.

Other highlights were the Penguins. 
  The tank they lived in had large windows in the side so you could view them both above and below the water.

It's the first time I'd seen these things swimming.  I was astounded at the speed they went through the water, and it looked as though they weren't even trying.  The place was crawling with kids though so I had to keep moving since the crowd made viewing a little hard.

Naturally they had a fine selection of Australian flora and fauna and although my trip up the coast had meant I had seen grazing Kangaroos, it's always nice to be up close and personal.

The day ended with an easy trip back over the river, a nice meal alone in a restaurant, and another movie at the Piccadilly Cinema.

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Apartment living
Apartment living
Oh Im so depressed!  Whose tail …
"Oh I'm so depressed! Whose tail…
Damn!  Now Ive got cold feet.
"Damn! Now I've got cold feet.""
Dy dig it?
"D'y dig it?"
photo by: cimtech