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Just a few tips on while visiting Belgium not to miss out on. I know this is not a complete list But should be helpful anyways. The obvious is not on here. This is oriented more so what most people easily can overlook while visiting a country.

- French fries are originally from Belgium and stands are everywhere. Served with large selections of sides like Loempia (simlar to a large egg roll)  Fricadell, a fried saugage cut open and filled with mayo, ketchup and onion. I know it sounds wierd but delicious. Fried kebabs, meatballs, and the list goes on.

- Sugar  waffles freshly baked and served warm with sugarcubes the were caramelized while begin baked. Some a chocolate syrup on them.

- Ollie Bollen, served in a paper cone these fritters are ball formed similar to a doughnut, fried and dusted with powder sugar.

- Belgian chocolates and truffles. Find a bakery or individual owned Chocolatier were made freshly with a 2 week shelflife. There they use whipped cream and butter. Given the truffles and fillings a limited shelflife but be best flavor and creamyness available. the difference is amasing in quality.

- Ice cream coupes, yes these are amasing and some many to choice from. From different flavor ice cream topped  in a tall glass and frech fruit ice cream with advocaat (a egg nog liqour) and always topped with frech whipped cream.

- Paling huis, Flemish for Eel house. More then half the menu is dedicated to eel. Bked in green (a spinach sauce) in tomato sauce, Provencional with mushooms and if you have a few people you can get a combination.It is a truly great experience and taste delicious and mostly served with of course....BELGIUM FRIES

- Mussels and frites and Steak and frites. Also a favorite in Belgium. the Mussels come prepared in different ways. My newly favorite is Mediteranian style. Is made with adding cilantro, onions, tomato, lime at the last minute of steaming the mussels.

- De Gentse fieste, in July there's the Gent's festival which is 2 weeks and 3 weekend long. Incredible experience with stages all over town, mid-evil ball, beer tents, parades. this whol;e town is on fire and the vibe is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Booklets are giving out with days and times of all the concerts and activities to do thruhout the festival.

- Kermis, is a carnival with rides for kids and adults to enjoy. They go on from spring to fall in various town and cities all over Belgium. Of course in Cities like Brussels, antwerp and Gent the Kermisses are 10 to 15 times larger then small towns.

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