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The day closing
Yesterday I was able to get a hold of my mother and speak to her, much to my relief. She sounds ok but also in shock, we think it was a heart attack. I window shopped after the call, letting our conversation digest. She encourages me to stay on my trip as planned, not come home for the memorial. That I am giving them a great gift by letting them peek into another world at a time when they need to escape reality for a bit.

I've a full blow cold and we board the bus at 2pm. I get a seat by the window and stretch out, the bus has about 5 people on it and so I enjoy the space. At around 8 that night we pick up loads of people and the energy on the bus changes from light to a dark night. I pop a valerian pill to help me sleep and load on my asprina with vitamin c.

Like the trip going, we stopped many times at small toll booths and this was just another routine stop. But no, a man comes up the stairs dressed in military gear and starts questioning two Argentine girls, they show their passports. He stops to talk to a guy seated in the front, I think he's an American, they ask for his bags and they look inside. He goes over to Miwa and asks for her passport, my heart is pounding, what are they doing? He sees my bag poking out from under the seat and she points to me, I nod. He sorta pokes at it and asks where I am from. I say Estados Unidos, he barely looks at my passport. Meanwhile several more men come up and start all over again. This time I didnt make eye contact and said Hola confident and annoyed they keep passing in front of the movie being shown. They go to the back of the bus and serve themselves coffee and leave.

This happens TWO more times but the last time they brought a lab drug sniffing dog aboard. No problems and we are on our way.

We traveled during the day much more than on the to Puerto Iguazu, not sure if that is why there were so many searches. However, I highly recommend travling SIN drugs as the situation had you been caught just wouldn't be pretty. It also could have been because we came the Brasilian border. I'm just happy my heart returned to its calm rythm!
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The day closing
The day closing
Puerto Iguazu
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