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After days of looking at apartments online with little luck, we decide to rent an apartment together, at least the daunting task is shared. We have obstacles, pay pal isnt working for either of us despite having established accounts, i can only get $600 pesos per atm withdrawl, she's somehow gotten about 2000. We are to meet the managment at 12:30 and we still havent put a deposit down as they requested. Its Sunday, nothing is open and we cant find a phone place open. My phone card doesnt work on the street pay phones. I suggest going into an upscale hotel to ask for help and he kindly offers us the use of the hotel lobby phone. Wow, for looking totally shabby in our sweat pants and unshowered, I am surprised he didnt ask to have us removed!

They are ok with us bringing the entire payment in cash at 12:30, great, we've 2 hours to shower, pack and mobilize.

Paz seems to be upset that we are getting an apartment together, that means no more guests for her. She asks us first thing what time we are meeting them, I say 12:30. At around 11:30 I ask her to call a cab. She calls for me. It will be 50 pesos, will we pay that? I say yes IF THE CAB IS A LARGE ONE THAT HAS ROOM FOR ALL OUR LUGGAGE, ABOUT 6 PIECES and of course us. She checks again to see if we will pay that and I say YES IF THE CAB IS A LARGE ONE THAT HAS ROOM FOR ALL OUR LUGGAGE for 12:15 please. She calls. At 12:20 no one. I say where are they? At this point we are forced to remove our luggage from our rooms as she is removing the sheets from the bed, we havent even left yet!!!!

She says oh I thought you said 12:30. No, that is when we are meeting them. I tell NZ to get her bags downstairs that we can catch a cab on the street just as easy as wait in this uncomfortable place. Paz calls the cab place again, oh they'll be right here. Finally at 12:35 he arrives and its the exact same cab that are abundant on every street, nothing special or big about it. I'm pissed, I knew we should have just caught one off the street.

Long story short, I refused to pay and he said something about calling the police. Paz is upset because she said she asked us blah blah and i repeat what I said twice already. She speaks very good English btw, so there is really no way that she didn't just not understand.

We caught a cab and paid 18 pesos for the short trip to our new home. In all, I felt really suffocated and uncomfortable at YiraYira. It as a poor start to a long journey and I am grateful for a clean warm home with my own keys, to come and go as I please.

The apartment is great and the managers are nice enough. Despite a rather rude email saying they dont show apartments first that if we didn't find anything better over the weekend we could just simply rent their place. I think it was the location next to a nice Thai restaurant, close to my school, and almost 1100 sq feet that encouraged me to go ahead with it.

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