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Hey guys... so since I was driving to Altoona yesterday and got stuck in a pretty wicked snow storm right up the road and then when I got to altoona I saw no snow I went up to the top of the Mountain today.

I drove up east route 22 until I got to the top of the Mountain to the Summit/Cresson exit and just drove... I then ended up in the town right west of it which was Gallitzin... I then saw a sign for Prince Gallitzin State Park and figured since I was in Galitzin anyways I may as well go that way.   I drove, and drove, and then I stopped off and took some photo's... and then drove some more and felt that I went farther than 19 miles (that's what the sign said)... so the next time I pulled over I pulled out the trusty GPS unit and typed it in.

..well, I thought I had to turn around, so I did, but I was wrong and so the GPS told me to turn right on a certain road... it was like Kirby Log Road or something like that... as I was up that road I took some more photo's... so I turned around back to Gallitzin Roand and I drove farther down and then the snow started melting... I figured since I was only 5 miles away from the park then I may as well see if the snow was lying to me.  I got to where it told me to turn on Park Road and the sign said I had to go another 7 miles... and there was no snow. 

So since I was hungry I typed in Cresson into my GPS to get me to some food... I followed the GPS and what did I see... a HUGE Pink Sign that said '24 flavors'... I was esctatic... but it was a false alarm... there were christmas lights on it but the open sign wasn't up, there weren't any cars either.

.. this is in Fallentimber right next to Frugality... I just wanted to put the town name of Frugality in here somewhere!  Ha Ha Ha... it makes me laugh.

But I'm driving up this BEAUTIFUL road and the houses are gorgous, they are nicely landscaped and most of them have ponds in the back yard!  It looked wonderful with the snow and ice!  Like a storybook!  But was I was driving I realized since I took all my photo's in Gallitzin I should stay there and find food... so I typed in food in Gallitzin.  So when I was in college I worked for a newspaper in a small town called Meadville, PA... now in this town all the restaurants were open M-F during the day... which I thought was stupid because most people work during that time... well, Gallitzin does what I think is logical.

..but it was sad for me... Dee's Diner was only open from 4PM-10PM and closed Sun and Mon... the Iron Horse something or other was closed (I don't know what time they open I just walked up and pulled on the door and it was locked)... and I went to Thomas Street for some other place and that one didn't have any cars in the lot and looked closed too... So as I was driving out towards home I saw Carole's Deli & Grocery... I saw it in my GPS but it didn't intrigue me... so should I stop of just go home and eat ramen noodles, saur kraut and polish sausage or should I stop in... well, I decided to stop in and the woman inside was really nice and helpful.  I ended up with a sandwich, A&W float thingy and some chips... and now I have to get to work! 


I'll write the reviews and put pictures up later... I'm really behind but I haven't been able to make it to Panera Bread lately and I did write a review on Troegs Brewery in Harrisburg but the server dropped and I lost everything... sigh... so keep a look out!

Lord_Mike says:
Sounds like a great place!
Posted on: Dec 02, 2008
Andy99 says:
Did you see the Gallitzin Tunnels? (Trains cross the Eastern Continental Divide inside.) Winter may not be the best time to visit, but the snow would make a great photo!
Posted on: Oct 30, 2008
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