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the panoramic views of the irish country side still enchant my dreams. there is nothing that could steer me from that dreamily magnificent place. So this is a journal entry about my time in ireland, my fond memories, my not so fond memories, etc...

on May 12 we boarded the bus, very few people knew each other... my roommate and I didnt even speak though we sat only 2 seats away from each other. everyone was quiet, iPod headphones in their ears, listening to their own tunes and not caring about the trip that lay ahead. in my own mind though i was so panicked! I had never been on a plane before, and I easily got motion sick, even on the bus I felt as though I would be sick. I quickly noticed that dramamine was my best friend for my trip. the 4 hour drive from the virginia beach campus of tidewater community college (TCC) to the Washington, Dulles International Airport was a mix of anticipation and nervousness. I spent it wondering if my roommate would even like me, or if she would not speak to me for the trip. I thought about the possibility of a plane crash, and if I was ready to die in the air. I wondered about whether or not my bags would get lost, or stolen for that matter. but along with everyone elsei had my ipod in hand and tapped my feet to the sounds of bad religion, authority zero, and dropkick murphys. it wasnt until we arrived at the airport that i even spoke a word to someone, and that someone was David.. the biggest asshole i had ever met in my life, and he just wouldnt go away. luckily though he knew airports like the backside of his hand, so that put some ease to my heart. while sitting in the terminal to wait for our 7:15pm flight to Shannon, Ireland (connecting in Dublin) I met Kasey and her not so great friend Fairen. Fairen is someone i couldnt seem to get along with at all on the trip, well now that i think of it... NO ONE got along with her on the trip, all she did was try and get everyone else is some sort of trouble. Kasey was one of the coolest, laid back chics i had ever met... and still my roommate Kelly was ignoring me, avoiding me.. im not sure, but we were not speaking haha. FINALLY. time for departure... everyone loads onto the plane and im sitting next to this guy Ryan who talks to me for about 5 minutes... it turns our 95% of the people on my trip took sleep aids so that they could sleep on the plane. my panic started to rise to overwhelming levels, and i had no one to talk to about them. i tried to sleep and that wouldnt work. i tried to read, and that just made me dizzy. so i sat there and listened to my ipod. what else could i do? i sat there and waited for the 6 hour or so flight to be over and done with.

we arrive in Dublin for a flight change before heading to Shannon, and it turns out our plane's mechanics are off... so we sit in the Dublin airport for 4.5 hours instead of the 45 minute layover we were supposed to have. it was hell! but the flight to Shannon was cake, because i was so exhausted i passed out as soon as i got on the plane, grant it.. it was only a 35 minute flight. once in Shannon I was fine... OH! while in Dublin... my roommate and I finally spoke! of all things.. chewable toothbrushes are what started our conversation :D i dont know what it was.. im assuming it was gum that acted like a toothbrush and cleaned your teeth... they were in the bathroom haha. but anyways back to Shannon, we met up with our tour guide for the week. and i fell in love with him. I FOUND LOVE IN IRELAND ... with a 65 year old man :D haha John Keane was his name, and he was magnificent. I loved him, he was funny and SUPER SMART! he seemed to know everything about everything... i want to be like him one day haha. he always had something to say about a pub, a field, a old stone building. anything you had a question about he had an answer.

we visited Ennistymon, Ballyferriter, and Dublin (well we slept in those places..). on the first day of the actual trip itself, we visited the Burren. a had never seen something like that before. mountains of stone, amazing! we saw a few old monasteries and abbeys. i loved it, but m absolute favorite part of the trip was after the burren. we went to the Cliffs of Moher, and it literally took my breathe away. nothing in my life was so beautiful than those cliffs. i wandered around alone the whole time, and thats because i was left behind from the friends that i had made (Kelly, Kasey and Draper). the second day we went to Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. it was cute, but slightly boring given the company I had was an irritating boy haha. I enjoyed exploring around on my own though, it was indeed a good time. on the third day we made our way over to Ballyferriter and went through Dingle. once at the hotel in Ballyferriter we explored the one road town. Kelly, Kasey, Draper, and I played games and probably made asses out of ourselves now that i think about it. we reenacted the "invisible rope" stunt seen on youtube and got a few people haha, we also found an abandoned farmhouse type building.... though none of us would go inside hah. we ended our night playing uno and listening to music in mine and kelly's room. good times :D on the fourth day we went to the Gallarus Oratory (an old church type place it was only about 8ft by 5 ft in size).. and then continued down the road to Dingle and spent the day there exploring. John the driver elected to hang out with me and kelly because i believe we were his favorites! then we loaded back on the bus and headed toward the hotel... it was a 4 hour drive to Dublin the next day. the next day on our way to Dublin i never thought i would see such beautiful fields. i just watched the scenery the whole way to Dublin. we made little stops here and there along our trip as a whole, checking out famine memorials and old famine houses, it was nice. our final stop on the way to Dublin was at the Rock of Cashel. that place was AMAZING! the structure and architecture was beautiful.

Dublin was probably the most like home, therefore my least favorite part of the trip. the big city feel just didnt feel like true ireland to me. the small towns we were in before we way better to me! but all wasnt lost in Dublin, thats where we did the majority of our shopping and walking around. 2 days in Dublin was enough for me though. there were no guided tours nothing really to do but shop and eat.

my dreams and memories of ireland are of the people i met along the way and of the breathe taking scenery i saw around me at all times. the buidlings and villages were beautiful! the friends i made on that trip (like Kelly) are life long friends for sure. and i wouldnt have it any other way.
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