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On the way to Arequipa.

We were back in Peru again. On the border checkpoints everything went smoothly and soon we were sitting again in our taxi driving us to dusty Tacna. Our talkative driver toled us that the city was quite interesting to visit, but we didn’t really plan to stay here. Nevertheless, according to my Lonely Planet guidebook this was Peru’s most patriotic city. It was occupied by Chile in 1880 after the War of the Pacific, until its people voted to return to Peru in 1929.

There it was, the bus terminal. The taxi driver got our backpacks out and we said goodbuy to him and his wife. Right in that moment our new friends, the young Czech couple we met in Arica, arrived as well. They were directed immediatly to their bus which seemed to leave soon so we didn’t have much time to talk. Obviously they booked for them another bus company, because our bus was supposed to leave in some 5 hours.

What a dry region.
According to our tickets the company was Cruz del Sur, the same company we took from Lima to Ayacucho right in the beginning of our trip about 2 weeks ago. That one had definitely the image in Peru the be the best, the most reliable one. But having to wait for 5 hours didn;t sound so good, especially to my fellow travellers. I wouldn’t mind that much to see a bit from Tacna.

We saw on the time table that there was a Cruz de Sur to Arequipa in about an hour. Maybe we could get on that one using our tickets. It was worth to try so we walked to the nearest Cruz del Sur desk.

After I explained the lady there in Spanish that we would like to change our tickets for a bus earlier she just told me to wait a bit and took the telephone.

According to what I caught from her conversation on the phone it seemed to be no problem at all and she confirmed it when she was finished. There was enough free seats in the earlier bus, yeaaay.

That meant we had something less then an hour left. Enough time to buy some snacks and something to drink for the trip. Me and Dan used the chance to get some Inca cola again, I have to admit that I missed it somehow.

Not even an hour later we were sitting in the bus and were on the road again. Direction north. The country side around us looked dry and desert like, it felt like driving through the moon. There were no trees at all and the earth or sand was getting lighter and lighter. How could a big city like Arequipa, our destination, survive in an environment like this???        

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On the way to Arequipa.
On the way to Arequipa.
What a dry region.
What a dry region.
photo by: venusgurl28