Long long flight – part 1.

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Good cooperation between travelling compagnions.

Flying from Madrid direction north felt strange. Our final destination Peru is in the southern hemisphere and we were flying north to Paris. At least Air France with which we were flying now seemed to be much better then Iberia which behaves like a lowcost airline. Here we got at least some food. The disappointment arrived when we suddenly landed at the Paris International airport Charles de Gaulle. I honestly expected one of the busiest airports in Europe to be more modern, but what we saw looked like it hasn’t been done much since the 70es. If there’s a modern part of this airport, we haven’t seen it.

It was evening already and we had ahead of us the longest part of the way, the flight to Sao Paulo in Brasil.

Me and Marian waiting for our flight to Sao Paulo.
I helped to buy Marian his obligatory postcards and stamps as he doesn’t speak any French and then we were looking for some affordable food. Unfortunately there weren’t that many options as we expected. And everything was pretty expensive…welcome to France. What should I say, we ended up by McDonalds.

Most of the airports all around the world are pretty the same if you have to wait for your flight. Charles de Gaulle airport wasn’t an exception. At least we were supposed to fly from here finally in the right direction…south. What we were curious about was how the Brasilean airline TAM where I booked our flight tickets would be. Hopefully we wouldn’t get an old shabby airplane for our oversea flight. Wasn’t TAM the airline that had a crash about 2-3 years ago when the plane ran into a gas station in Sao Paulo? We were sure it was…but hey…I guess the gas station wasn’t there anymore, hehe.       

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Good cooperation between travellin…
Good cooperation between travelli…
Me and Marian waiting for our flig…
Me and Marian waiting for our fli…
photo by: Sweetski