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My friend Dan taking his first pictures at the airport.

A trip back into my childhood, this is how I saw my upcoming backpacking trip to South America . As a child I’ve lived for 4 years with my parents in Bogota , Colombia due to my dad’s job and have mainly good memories on that time. Around twenty years later I was coming back into this region, not directly to Colombia , but close enough. Me and 3 of my good friends pretended to travel around its neighbour Peru as well as around Bolivia and North Chile . The last of these three countries wasn’t on the list right from the beginning on, but as returning back from Bolivia to Peru the same way sounded a bit boring, we opted for a different route crossing Chile’s north. Aaaand…as we were supposed to fly with the Brasilean airline TAM we ended up having a 13 hours stopover in Sao Paulo on the way back. Of course we didn’t plan to stay all that time on the airport.

Our travelling gang consisted of:

-          me ( unfortunately I was the only one who speaks Spanish),

-          my Swedish friend Dan who’s a travelbuddy as well and lives now in Slovakia ,       we’ve been together in Romania

-          Pavel (he’s half Czech, half Slovak but has a Czech passport) who travelled with me already to Egypt and South-East Asia

-          Marian, a Slovak friend I know from a part-time job as a student, unfortunately he doesn’t speak English nor Spanish

 In Pavel’s case I knew what I can rely on, we did already two backpacker trips together.

A McDonalds plane?????
Dan travelled already to a couple of countries but only in Europe, so South America was a completely new experience for him. Fortunately he speaks already Slovak, otherwise it would have been difficult with Marian. This guy was supposed to have the most “first times”. First time flying, first time backpacking in a different country, first time being outside of Europe . A mixed bunch of crazy guys, that’s what we were.   

Travbuddy Yadi was a really big help and a good source on useful information. Got some tips also from other travbuddies like Lili or Jenny while planning the trip. The plan was a bit tight for 3 weeks, but manageable…if we didn’t get into some trouble in Bolivia because of all the strikes, demonstrations and blocades going on.

Pavel flew to our first stop Madrid already on Wednesday, for the rest of us the flight Vienna-Madrid was Saturday evening.

Marian and Dan waiting for the plane to Madrid.
We booked this part of the flight separately by Iberia as it resulted cheaper. Well, I flew with Iberia already before and as for me it’s still one of the worst airlines in Europe . They charge you like a common big state airline but what they offer is a low-cost airline service. If you want to eat or drink something you have to pay for it. And they charge you some ridiculous 10 euros for a ridiculous sandwich.

So the first part of our long flight wasn’t very exiting, but we were looking forward to Madrid where we were supposed to spend some 18 hours before we had to catch our next flight. And we could stay for free at a friend’s place for that night, a perfect start for a perfect trip.    

yadilitta says:
I was waiting for the entry and the wait was worth! I'm so glad you could travel and experience South America with your 3 friends :)
Posted on: Oct 02, 2008
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My friend Dan taking his first pic…
My friend Dan taking his first pi…
A McDonalds plane?????
A McDonalds plane?????
Marian and Dan waiting for the pla…
Marian and Dan waiting for the pl…
Me and Dan.
Me and Dan.
photo by: hellenica