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today i was told that this sweet being sold in the store was good...so i bought some. it's pumpkin (their version) that is then soaked in sugar syrup...looks and texture is kinda like candied ginger...i tried a teeny piece....i'm not so impressed. thought it's something that my mum might like...now, i'm not so sure....i'll have to look for something else for you mum : )  hmmm.

scott just got back from the med hall claiming too many biting mosquitos....glad i decided to do it here from the room instead.  now he's looking over my shoulder and said, "you're my travbuddy". Now he's chuckling at me for typing that.  this is our life. what's yours? reading travel blogs from india are we?? what i want to know is how many people who are reading this blog and floated around travbuddy.com to scan other travelers blogs. I wonder.

Scott says, as he dictates and I type: "Hi mom." (long awkward pause) "Nothing Deborah writes about me is true." (both of us laughing --- cuz that's not true ; ) He just said stuff and then said that it's off the record. Bummer for you guys. : P



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i only have a minute here......wanted to report that i had another full, fulfilling day though very different than others in terms of activity. unexpectedly i was escorted into town by way of manual and auto rickshaws to be guided through the process of getting a sari. the tailor will finish it by tomorrow night. and then, when i really needed a bathroom (you all know what that's all about) that led us to very nice restaurant. i hadn't eaten the last 2 ashram meals, so i was ready for something even though it felt risky to eat out and about when i wouldn't have a bathroom 2 feet away, but i did it and it was so very lovely. my first restaurant food and it was a very nice place. then onto shop after shop. i've done little to no shopping since i've been in india so i was able to pick up a few small things. i was so very well taken care of by my escort.....thank you my Mata neighbor. Met an 18 year indian boy today who knows english and is so eager to talk about our countries relations and global issues....we talked today and he wants to do the same tomorrow. Scott is now very interested in going into town tomorrow to do a bit of what i did, so maybe we'll go together....we'll see....there are some things to juggle around being our last full day here and all. We have our new train tickets in hand...overnight trip on the 1st. i need to get to a bank tomorrow too. There was this one moment at night on the auto rickshaw when I said to my friend.....right here, right now, what we see and hear and are experiencing, i'll never be able to express to anyone. a picture doesn't do it, descriptions don't do it and this is just a very common ordinary moment here.....sitting in the back of a rickshaw on a busy street, very dark, heavy pollution, heavy noises, heavy smells, tons of activity, animals, business transactions, various modes of transportation, the textures of the rickshaw and surrounding spaces, the feel of the ride....so much.  she said, like so many do....that india needs to be experienced. i'll have to think about whether that is really any more true than any other place...but it's certainly said a lot around here.  glad i had mine today. my time at the ashram was full as always too. med time and then bed time.

love to you all.


ps. scott realized he programmed a global clock into his ipod and so now he thinks he can use it to tell the time.....in delhi even....wow..... : )))))  He's well, and happy and having good experiences each day as well. The squeeters got him during the last meditation.....he finished in our room instead of the hall.

i'm wondering if anyone has any gift from india requests.....if so let me know....i'm like santa, you can write me your list but that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get it!  xoxo


photo by: royalrider