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I'm typing from the comfort of my new bed after going for a long nightime walk with 3 other people which was sooo nice. Led by someone who knew the ropes outside the ashram. Then, I had a phone call with Navin, the man in Delhi who is so helpful to us, we talked about the tail end of our trip which was great. Maybe we will still check out agra, jaipur, and delhi before we head home...we'll see....he's setting us up in his guest house which he uses for business clients. it'll be great. looks like about $35 / night for both scott and myself. I also had my personal meeting with Guruji tonight which was pretty awe inspiring and meaningful and we are going to continue it tomorrow under THE banyan tree.....I am very calm about it but also extremely anticipatory and grateful and amazed over it all.....his 'ways' are not of this plane and....words can't really describe, but I feel very blessed to have these opportunities for the one on one detailed 'examination' sessions with him. I had pages of written notes/questions that I went in with.

We had a nice tamarind chutney tonight...very little bit, but it was nice...and the birthday day is close! It's after 10 pm now and I'd like to wrap up and settle in for the night but we have another meditation at 11p.  I had a very good one today and my afternoon went well....feels like the best yet....as long as I keep saying this, this means I'm experiencing deeper better things all the time which is good. Weird...this morning I barely had strength to move a leg and tonight I went for this long walk and had some realllly nice meditations including the physical exercise parts....  One day here, like I said, can seem like a very long time and then...on the other hand, it whizzes by. Scott's taking a phone call and I'm doing this...ahhh, we're all technologically connected isn't that nice?




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Today is a new day in many respects. I am typing this from my laptop laying on my new bed which is in our new room in a new guest house which although it is an older building is like living in the lap of luxury in comparison to where we were (okay we just heard a very very loud explosion and have no idea what it was). This place is like an old college dorm room but it’s quiiiiiiiiet in comparison to where we were and mosquitos are barely an issue and bathrooms are great and more and more and more….we have the fan on high now so scott’s in heaven. When there is internet service I’ll be able to get it from here..it’s not available now, so I’m writing offline. This is too comfy I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. We have electricity here so this laptop in plugged in and to a surge protector that I bought here and I’ve got our phone charging. I just made some handmade table tent signs and another sign to decorate the dining hall tomorrow for Amanda’s birthday. Thank goodness she’s having a birthday because we are now expecting a ‘special menu’ tomorrow including birthday cake. All of this is not happening a moment too soon as I literally was feeling like I couldn’t take another day at our old room primarily because I feel sleep deprived on top of all the other challenges that I feel I have to drum up energy to face each day considering I haven’t been in the strongest condition on this trip. When I move around sometimes like getting to this morning’s early meditation, I literally am wondering whether or not my leg will move when I want it to depending upon if there are enough energy reserves in my body to make it so. Still, I have pushed on….it’s really been a trip fueled on will power for me….unless Guruji is fueling it another way. Speaking of which, it looks like I will be having my special, personal meeting with him today at 5pm. It’s 2p now and we have two meditations between now and then. I really want to sleep but I also got so excited with this new space I ended up feeling productive so I’m writing this and made the signs and getting situated. Scott has been sleeping since we got in here….did I mention he’s in heaven here. Too funny how so many people have been living in these conditions while we’ve been roughing it in so many ways. On Sunday Guruji told me that I don’t have to go home, back to all that..()&#@$)$&%, that I can stay here, that I can consider this is my place and my family. I was touched for a number of reasons, but I also chuckled and said, oh yeah, I need it don’t I? And then I said, I don’t think I could survive it! And today it feels like being in a different place altogether almost. It’s also a beautiful day. Oh yeah, the showers in this building are western style…as are the toilets…really, this is too wild to be true. I don’t remember if I gave the mobile # we have…. It’s 9838704462.   I’m wondering if I’ll be able to find either a kite or a toe ring to give to Amanda tomorrow…we’ll see. A nap sometime really soon sounds spectacular. I am feeling physically better….it can come and go and change in such waves and so quickly depending on numerous things not the least which is the practice (kriya yoga). What’s been going on with my lungs seems rather spectacular I must say. Even if I have to go through more ‘changes’ for the duration of my stay….if it’s ultimately my body regenerating and getting better than fine and now that we are in more comfortable surroundings I feel much more equipped to handle whatever is coming my way. Although, there’s no question that it sure would be nice to be able to ‘enjoy’ some of my stay here from the status of clear mind and body. It is something though….right now I know 2 people suffering from colds, one has a terrible cough, Amanda was feeling ill yesterday with diarrhea and her brother couldn’t sleep last night as he was kept up with a fever and feeling icky.  We won’t be sleeping in our sleeping bags in this room. We’ll have bedding. We’ll have hot water here more often and we’ll be able to use little kitchenette’s for making tea or whatnot. I know, I just went back to talking about how great this new space is for us. Even the walk from here to the hall is like walking through lovely gardens compared to walking through the construction zone, the piles of oxen poop and along the sides of the sewage drains which yield such lovely smells each day. And the paths were really uneven and kinda dicey at night when it’s hard to see aaaand, the gates to get into the main ground get locked at night and that was a hassle….see…so many things….aaaahhh. A realized yogi would see and experience as all the same….um..er….well, we did our level best to stay even minded over it all, but I’m not a realized yogi yet! A mata told me yesterday that if I stayed here I would be by the time I was 60.  Hmmm.


Did I mention that I must have only slept 2 hours last night due to the mosquitos…I got so bit up again. 


Many people have left the ashram, so it’s thinning out a bit. There’s one man from Russia here, his friend just left. Seems like a group of us will be leaving over the next 3 weeks. We see more local people at the morning sessions now for some reason. Looks like people definitely are attracted to come here when they are particularly ill and looking for help. Sorry there isn’t much exciting news about me traveling to exotic destinations looking at grand temples and riding elephants etc.  For me, this trip has taken on a life of it’s own and it’s all about this ashram. Our last few days in Delhi should be nice. Shopping, eating, and looking at life in a larger city.

Until next time…Namaste.  Okay, I just went to the bathroom which by the way, I realized that I won’t be mentally putting off like I used to when I could due to uncertain or undesirable conditions when I would go sometimes/someplaces. Here, the western toilet is outfitted with a butt hole washer…kinda bidet like. Scott has recently awakened, but quiet, I think we are so in awe over the differences in our surroundings and the impact it’s having on us. And he’s text messaging. We can actually hear birds cooing outside our window. I have almost a half an hour to nap before oming (my reference to meditation…like, ommmm) time and I’m going to take it.

5p has come and gone and I'm rescheduled with Guruji for after meditation....8ish....then dinner. Right now I have some internet but no electricity so we're on battery. Tea and coffee making time...ah, the luxuries.


love and laughter always,

Deb (and Scott)

photo by: royalrider