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It's getting late and it's been a full day. Some highlights are some personal time with Guruji today which tends to leave me in a state unlike any other. I'm just equalizing now and it's been about 7 hours. We are having a personal meditation time with him tomorrow morning from 5am -7am which is when the traditionaly Sunday morning service begins. We will be under the banyan tree again. I know in particular he will be examining my progress since initiation day, he asked and told me today as i answered and agreed that there are differences with me and my meditation since initiation. All good. Then I went back into town, this time with Scott and Anandamata and a driver/friend from the ashram....we were there for hours, shopping, banking, eating at that restaurant again etc. I am now here in my newly tailored sari and my 19 bangles etc. Just in time for heading back to the US eh? tomorrow, an expert at wrapping them will spend some time with me on it. For the last couple of hours Scott has been experiencing the effects of his nut allergy. Something must have slipped into his non-nut food at the restaurant. He's doing alright considering. He's here in the room lying down and using our meditation techniques on it. We're beginning to ween ourselves off of ashram food. We've bought some bottled water...Scott got his coke but hasn't opened it yet. I bought some Muesli for the road and whatnot. And boy oh boy have I found something that's going to make Jessica happy ... well, and me because it's a good price compared to home so I've tried to find this item wherever I can...I'm wondering if she can guess what it is.  I must go, we won't get much sleep tonight. I have to unwrap myself from this sari and clear our beds from all these shopping bags and stuff we've accumulated and then get ready for bed, meditate and be sure that we'll get up in time to be at whatever our best can be tomorrow morning. I'll be wrapped in a blanket from head to toes trying to escape mosquitos under the tree in the morning. Another hot day, which is another thing I think our bodies are adjusting to. We'll have to repack, again and be ready to head out on the train tomorrow night. That's our plan. I'm expecting someone here soon who wants to borrow the computer...this is happening a lot lately. And geez, we've got an uncommon number of skeeters in here tonight. I gave them dinner tonight in the jeep...in about one minute i got about ten bites on my feet when they swooped through the windows once we stopped the vehicle. That's how it goes.  Good night. Deb   Oh, that pumpkin candy is better than i thought. we gave it a second try.  Scott is stirring.....drinking some hot water which is supposed to help. Now he's thinking he'll try the pepsi. Bye.



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photo by: royalrider