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I first met Yogi Satyamji when I was 17 years old, the very day after graduating from Saint Ignatius High School in the summer of 2003. After reading Autobiography of a Yogi, I found Yogi Satyam’s website on the net. His schedule showed he was traveling the U.S. and was making a stop in Dayton, Ohio, a few hours south of my home in Cleveland. After convincing my parents, I drove down with a dear friend and spent the week being introduced to Kriya Yoga.

What I learned that week has become the most important activity of my life. Kriya Yoga gives me an inexpressible feeling – a love and joy that I want to share with every person who is near or dear to me. The love I feel for my family, friends – the love I feel for everything, really – is so fulfilling. Kriya Yoga helps me to feel in the deepest way possible.

If a friend were to ask me why I practice Kriya Yoga, I would answer simply; Kriya Yoga makes me a better person. It has made me a better son, a better brother, a better student, and a better friend. Though I have always been considered to have a warm personality, the practice has placed in me a tremendous desire to serve and love my family and friends in a way that I never thought. Everyday I want to do more and more as I find how Kriya Yoga expands my capacity to love.

The practice of Kriya Yoga, directed by Gurudeva Yogi Satyam, is as practical as it is profound. The simple techniques of Kriya Yoga allow one to practice the presence of God in every facet of life. In a style all-encompassing, Kriya Yoga is able to be practiced 24/7. It is a constant guide.

As a twenty-one year old finishing up my university studies, there are many different paths in life that are open to me. Kriya Yoga has given me the confidence to do anything, to choose any path and know everything will be for the best. But my confidence and optimism are not just in the hope that my life will get ever better (which I know it will), but also in the realization that my life, all life, is ever blessed.

I know I will be uplifted more and more every day. By practicing Kriya Yoga, my still early experience of God and Love has been like the first thrill on a roller-coaster ride, when you first hear the ka-chink of the chain attaching to the cart and you know that you are moving upward and there is no stopping it. Kriya Yoga is so fulfilling to me; now that I have a taste of the practice, and can see the exhilarating dips and hills of my life with God, I can not imagine living any other way.

I consider learning this practice to be the greatest blessing of my life. The blessings I have experienced through Kriya Yoga and the guidance of Yogi Satyamji are truly inarticulate, and could not hope to find expression anywhere but in the eloquence of my own heart. For this reason, I would encourage everyone to experience for yourself the unique and profound science of Kriya Yoga Meditation, and to see what amazing effects in can have on your life.



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Hello there. Plans have changed and we are still in Allahbad when our plans were to have been in Delhi and traveling around. In short, Swami Satyam, the Guru of Kriya Yoga here at the ashram wanted/requested (in only a way someone like he can) that we stay. So, within 2 hours of our train's departure, our plans changed and I don't officially have a new departure time yet ...not until I have the tickets in my hands will I know...but the plan is to leave here on the overnight train on April 1st...then, try to see something in Delhi on the 2nd and catch our plan on the morning of the 3rd.

We (Guruji and us) had unfinished business including my initiation by him into Kriya (something I did in 2003 with Roy E. Davis in this is more than unusual, but okay in the big picture of all things spiritual and traditional and enlightening). He also had been preparing to spend time with me (us) to cover other "stuff". Anyway, it's another day at the ashram and yesterday was intense for me, intense is way too light of a word. The experiences for me on this trip are all encompassing in that they've reached every aspect of myself and have on a daily, hourly, moment to moment basis and therefore I will never be able to accurately express any of it to anyone though I know folks back home would like to hear stories or try to understand. Most others here who have ever gone through anything rather intense are of complete agreement that they just never talk about it simply because it's inexpressable and to try is to leave a partial and inaccurate impression no matter what. 

This blog has largely been about superficial externalities of our experience. I am almost on my last pages available in my written journal which has been nice to have here.

Scott is well. He enjoyed a Coke yesterday and is craving another one today.

It's over 100 degrees here everyday now and I'm perfectly comfortable. It's easy to escape it in the heat of the day if one wants to....though no a/c if that's what you're thinking.

We've been recently informed that more people are going to be here for dinner tonight so everyone has been asked to engage in rice picking.....a grain by grain process where we remove stones and ....whatever else one might not want in their rice!

I'm lucky in that the Mata who lives next door has had a supply of rice delivered here for picking so that I don't have to go to the kitchen to do it which is a hotter area and also further from bathrooms which I'm staying close to again today. It never ends ...the digestive upheavels.  No problem....the laundry dries quickly when hung out on a 100 degree day!  See? It all works out.

I gave my blog address to Swami Shantanand, Hello there Swami, if you get this far in your reading! I just realized that I made mention of you in this blog somewhere along the line...hopefully I was gracious eh?

Many flowering trees are in bloom and the vegetable gardens (fields) here are undergoing constant change, planting, preparation, harvesting etc.  The birds seem to be greater in number and design : ) and pretty active. Yesterday we went to a special temple dedication nearby in Allahabad, where Guruji was the special guest so we were all welcomed with their version of the red carpet and then he held classes all in Hindi.

Did I mention that I've been eating different things lately? Because it was coming close to our departure, several people would give/offer little treats or different types of food than we usually have or are "allowed" on the Kriya Diet...which isn't really followed here anyway by the kitchen, but that's another story. Well, I've eaten too much of all that 'special' food. And we were supplied with food for our travels so we had a bunch of stuff.....we found a home for a lot of it.  We held a little movie night in our room...someone had some rare film footage of Yogananda on CD and so we played in on my laptop in our room and about 5 people came to watch and munch of some of the food we had for the road including a kg of puffed rice. I know nobody thinks that sounds very good, but I needed a snack food and they mix it with some sugar balls and some spicy snack mix for something different. Today, Meena made me another treat....she's really been serving me a lot, being extremely giving which has been so nice for I've been going through a lot and she noticed and has been trying to do anything to be supportive and one of her skills is cooking! Today, she came by with this wheat and gur treat cooked in was good. yesterday she made me tea and brought me another food. And she's the one that made up more than 15 parathas (spelling?) for the road. And she got me all the puffed rice snacks....sent a worker to the market for me.  So...thank you Meena.

Well, the rice is calling me to be picked and luckily a bathroom is nearby. Then meditations as usual....but there's nothing ever usual about them for me.

Oh yeah, I'm typing from my astonishment. They've been futzing with computer connection stuff for days all over the ashram, it's been quite the project which I've tried to stay completely away from. I'm not on wireless, I'm using a network cable...which CJ suggested I take in my luggage..thanks's come in handy these last days here.

Guruji says he'll get us a vip ticket (guess that means first class, which mean private bathroom) on the train back....but I don't know if or how that's going to happen so last minute....I need to follow up on this asap if I want to avoid any more changes of plans.

Oh man, my stomach is gurgling. Amanda just walked by, she's wearing a new dress today and has had this straw hat slung on her back while sucking on a sucker and it's such a cute sight. I took her picture.

I haven't mentioned how much I enjoy living barefoot/sandals 24/7.......and without a/c......I like, very much. There are so very many advantages and nice things about much of our simplicity of living. It's be nice to take the best of all worlds and create your own eh?

Just lost electricity, it's my signal to finish this.

Bye : )


photo by: royalrider