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I'm fine. Scott's fine. Each day continues to be full, though much of our attention and work is inner as we continue to focus on Kriya Yoga during the remainder of our stay. It looks like we'll take the last few days of our trip to try and see some sights in and around Delhi but not much. This feels okay for both of us right now.  I have gone through four days of intense......words cannot really describe it, but, let's just leave it as, intense experiences presumably due to "the practice" and supposed to be part of the overall 'healing' that is possible and today is the first day that I feel I see potential signs that that is true. I'm going to continue to commit myself during my stay. One hour at a time, one day at a time, but to have a replay of what I just went through.....tough sell.....let's just say I feel like I've used my will and scaled some of the limits of my being....mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and it's work like no other..... this is the first day I've been out of my room in about 4 days and I'm getting some equilibrium back....we'll see what I'm in for, but my spirits are good and ultimately you should be happy for me (I think)!

I feel like I should throw some enjoyable tidbits in here for talk about monkeys and mongoose and the awesome ride I had on a bike (motorbike) into the city with a diplomat who speaks little won't appreciate what that really means unless you know what traffic is like here. Anyway, it was probably the most thrilling time I've had was so much fun for me and I got to see Allahabad in a great way. Of course, lots of stares our way. Of the thousands of bikes I've seen on the road I've only seen a few with women on the back and never driving. If I lived here, I know I'd just have to own a bike to get around.

I'm on borrowed battery time and must run. Nice to connect with you. We have a new phone number for our mobile phone but I don't have it with me right now. Carlton has it if you'd like to ask him. I have very few minutes but incoming calls for us don't use any right now, so whoo hoo. : )

I've been touched by the friendships and kindness of others.

I've got Amanda's birthday on my brain and found some cardboard (inside of packaging for a drill) to make a sign.  Kinda neat planning some things to do for her.

Talk to you later.



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