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10:43pm on 3-22 and if Scott asks me what time it is one more time, welllll!!!!  Really, we’re getting on together just swell but somebody please buy this boy a watch and a travel clock and a wall clock and a phone with a clock and whatever other time pieces you can get your hands on please. : )


We over ate a bit at dinner….well, I overate on some sweets that were served. We then went for another nighttime walk guided by Mario….interesting and always feels a little precarious as it’s so dark and the walkways are so uneven and today we crossed the busy highway too, anyway, it is really nice to get that type of peak at the area.


This time of night always feels a bit weary….like, we’ve had very long days and we eat late and then we have to wait to do this 11pm meditation when we’d really like to just go to sleep. Scott’s been trying to nap for the last hour.


I’ve seen myself in the mirror more lately at this new guest house than I have for weeks…I have lost some weight but lately this ol’ body seems to have caught up with that in a good way, I’m feeling more fit in a way that I don’t think I could have accomplished very easily back home, even with working out etc. It feels like it’s the meditation work above all else but certainly the food intake and daily walking and stairs etc. even though it’s not that much exercise to have warranted such a bodily change that I see and feel. Very interesting as is so much of this experience. Sure would be nice to keep that momentum going when I get home.


We haven’t nailed down our last day’s travel plans yet but I sure hope that can get done by tomorrow…things move slowly here. We are trying to get a train out of here to Delhi on March 27. It’s an overnight train…9 hours I think. Then we’ll stay in a guest house ( I hope) of our friend in Delhi as our home base as we potentially visit Jaipur, Agra and Delhi before flying home on April 3.  All of a sudden I seem to have this list of things to do before leaving here and ensuring that our travels go well. I still very much have my yogi mindset so, it’ll all be well.


There is a gecko somewhere in this room and I guess he’s going to stay there cuz I can’t find him in order to remove him before sleep time. They do a great job eating bugs so I hope he’s busy. (and near Scott’s bed ; )


Seemed like the hottest day yet here today. Couldn’t tell you what temp that is though. I enjoyed it. Summer here has to be a whole other experience though.


I need to run. I’m looking forward to a quick meditation and a good sleep. Still would like a few more hours than we’re allotted though. Sheesh.


Ahhh. I just made an executive decision for myself and didn’t go to the meditation. I’ve missed very few classes and meditate at other times during the day so I shouldn’t have any guilt but now I’ll have to hear Scott’s little name for me…Debbie Miss Misses Class….which he finds so hilarious. There’s so little time alone let alone in the room and I just washed my face and brushed my teeth and changed for bed. And Scott likes the fan on all night at superjet take off speed and this way I get a few moments with it off or at least on a quiet low. Ahhh.  Now I’ll write this, meditate in the comfort of my bed and lay down my head.  I’ll have gotten more done more quickly which will yield me a few extra minutes of sleep too. All good don’t you think?  And I definitely think tomorrow is a shower day. More Ahhhh.  Goodnight. Hope you have one to whoever you are reading this. Xoxo



March 23, 2007  Hello all. I’m good, really. BUT, hmm, I ended up experiencing so much frustration today. I won’t go through each and every circumstance which I found myself feeling this cuz who wants to relive such things when one is practicing yoga eh? Plus, I’m working through it and feeling better. Had another diarrhea bout and wondering if it was directly connected to the emotions of the day…any which way, here, everything seems purposeful and an opportunity to focus and work on whatever one is going through and that’s what I do. Besides that, I secured the train tickets for us…March 27, overnight train to Delhi…couldn’t get first class so it’s second class for us. I think this train is nicer than the one we came here on for starters and second class means we’re sharing with two other people vs having our own room in first class. No biggie really but it would have been nice to check out the first class accommodations.  I bought ‘junk’ food in town today and ate some and yuck….I bought it with the intention of having snack food for the train trip but I decided to dig into it and…really, I could so do without that, and it’s not what I really wanted anyway, but choices are pretty slim so. And btw, my tummy upset was prior to that.


I’m in our room with three candles lit and listening to a Roy Davis doing a chant playing it off the laptop. They’re not really intended to listen to, they’re intended to chant along with but I’m finding it soothing. I’ll meditate when I’m done with this writing….gee, these blogs have started to sound a lot alike huh?  I had a bottle of cold carbonated water today and I bought a piece of luggage since one of mine is falling apart and for various reasons, I needed a larger bag. I’m glad I got those things done….the club soda purchase was really so I could have a small water bottle for our traveling.


I’m trying to get all my little responsibilities (I know, seems weird, but amazingly I have a list of things to do and it takes so very long to get anything done here) sooner so that I can really relax and focus on meditation and relaxation and quiet for my last days here. I still haven’t met with Guruji for my second time. He said maybe tonight….it will happen in it’s own time. It’s weird how in some ways, this focus on yoga can seem to make me more sensitive rather than more even-minded sometimes….a phase.


It feels like it’s getting exponentially hotter here each day. We’re heading out at the perfect time though our last days may be pretty hot in Delhi and this ‘covering up’ for women here doesn’t exactly help things. I’m in shorts now but only because I’m in our room. Though, I don’t have light airy Indian cotton clothes which would help matters, essentially, if you lived here, you’d adjust many things to make the best of the culture and climate.


The luggage bag I bought was about $30 US…..cheaper in other towns we were in but I didn’t have much of a chance to shop. I expect prices to be higher in Delhi. Varanasi was the place to shop but we didn’t have the opportunity. I’m not too bothered about that though. I think I’ll get my fill before we leave. I haven’t found shopping around India to be all that enjoyable anyway…okay…but more of an errand than an entertainment, but for that matter, that’s pretty much how I usually feel about it at home. I think I feel that way here so far because if you see 5 vendors, it feels like you’ve seen then all because they seem to all carry the same stuff. Again, I understand Delhi to be a bit different.


Man, I’ve never had so much activity in my digestive tract for 10 years as I’ve had over these past 6 weeks….sheesh.


Guruji has asked that Scott write a testimonial about Kriya Yoga and of course he’s taking it very seriously and to my amazement has been working on it for days. He’s well and is ready like I am to bring this time at the ashram to a close and he’s even more interested and open to spending or last days sightseeing than he’s ever been before. By the way, I have no idea where that gecko went that was in our room last night. I inquired with others about catching it to put it out of the room etc. but true to my assessment, they said it’s not wise since they’re such squishy critters that are easy to damage including pulling off limbs accidently as they try to get away.  Earlier today I saw a black and white striped spider on the wall and as I was examing it, it jumped off the wall at least a foot and quite startled me. It was little, but really different looking.


Scott’s also been giving his life back home a lot more thought these past couple of days…I’ve just begun this myself….including what he might like to do/pursue once he’s done with his bachelor’s degree. I’ll leave his thoughts on this for him to inform you about as it continues to develop.


CJ sent me a video clip of my Callie high on catnip with an audio dub a Sinatra song behind it….it was so neat.


Man, what a different world it is here….in India, not just the ashram…more and more I feel and see the deep deep differences rather than focusing on the similarities of mankind. So very many thoughts about humankind and the globe and global affairs and history and developing societies and developing man and the ‘master play’ of it all. Such things have occupied my mind for much of my life so none of it is at all totally new or shocking, just more to the surface of my awareness and firming up any thoughts that in the past I surmised, but now have had confirmed about other cultures etc.


So, Scott says he likes my shirt today and asked who I swiped it from! As if I wouldn’t own something on my own that he thought was cool…well!  For those of you that know, it’s that tinkerbell shirt that I did originally think of buying for Jess but I bought for myself in a rare moment of sheer desire of something whimsical. Mostly I’ve worn it to sleep but it made it out in public today. Fits better now that I lost that extra fatty weight : )  I know, I know, but it’s true….I’ve been bone and fat with a wee bit of muscle and now the ratios have just shifted a bit, to my liking. I’ll be pretty bummed if I revert once back home. But if I’m a good yogi, I shouldn’t experience “bummed” now should I?!


Oh, how nice it is for me to just chat like this….the biggest thing missing is the response chat from all of you. I’m looking forward to everything back home….not in a desperate way whatsoever, but just experiencing things anew and enjoying the appreciation which I feel I often felt day to day but know that I will feel/know all over again.  


Oyyyy! I just lost my zen. Sitting in the dark by candlelight I couldn’t tell if what I felt on my legs was the laptop cord, orrrrr……yep, some large insect….I’ve gotten up and put the light on but I’ve lost him. At least he didn’t bite me. I’ve been bitten by so many different insects since I’ve been here…It’s one of the biggest things I’m looking forward to not having to deal with at home…which gives me a whole new appreciation for winter which helps keep our insect populations in check among other things. Guruji told me that he would explain/talk to me about how I feel in the cold and how/why I sweat when I’m cold instead of how most people do when they’re hot. He acted like he totally knew this whole ‘thing’ about me. Hmmm, now where is that “bug”gar?   Aahhh, he’s flying around….awww, like tinkerbell! Poor thing, he’s smacking into everything left and right probably trying to get out of here.


Poor Scott has to put up with my comments about him on these blogs, but hey, he doesn’t want to blog and it’s kind of my service to his friends and family who want to hear from him (aaaaaaaaaalllllllrighty then….THERE’s the gecko, this is too funny….it’s an Indian reptile/insect zoo in here) maybe the gecko will get the flying bug. Oh man, this gecko is so huge and he’s eyeing Scott’s open luggage.  I was going to say about Scott that he’s so not good at returning dishware to they’re proper kitchens….when he brings a cup in here it can be here for days on end and then he’ll say, oh, was that mine?  Ummm, yeees.


Watched some guys play a pick-up game of cricket in an open dirty/grass field area next to our guest house. There are private homes interspersed among the ashram buildings as Guruji doesn’t yet own all the adjacent properties, so until then, it’s a mishmash and everyone lives in harmony. Makes for a very interesting environment. The home closest is a open air concrete box about the size of my dining room and the property of theirs is bordered by stacked bricks….bricks which Scott and I accidentally knocked over our first night here as we were kinda lost and walking in the dark and trying to walk over the bricks…I think I’m the one who knocked some down. Oh, the memories. We quickly and quietly restacked them as the man of the house nicely and quietly looked on and tried to direct us to the ashram. Scott would not make eye contact as he thought it best to just fix it and move on not knowing what this man’s response would be at that time. 


Bug update…..both the gecko and flying guy are now out of my sight again. At another time in my life I’d have had to find them before I could sleep….now….no sweat. Growth I tell you! Or just exhausted from the battle!  Just kidding…it’s all good.


I just took a sip of cooled tea and thought I’d inform you that the procedure I have is to check the tea for insects that may have landed in there while I wasn’t looking. All these little daily things that are different here that I haven’t mentioned per se til now.


Scott says he has a new appreciation for hygiene….he’ll have to explain. He’s now borrowing my Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and thinks it’s so awesome.

It's now just past midnight and i'm in the meditation hall.....really enjoyed the meditation...something about me and the nighttime. I had a hunch that I could get a connection here tonight so I brought the laptop.

Long day and such a mix....grog out of bed....feeling great after morning meditation....then diarrhea...then deep deep tiredness....some annoyances....feeling better....good meditation....ate more than usual for dinner.....amanda played a joke and hid my shoes....a bit of tension with scott and me, i think he feels i was picking on him, all's fine now.....then a nice shower and grooming time and then the late med and now some typing and I'm ready for bed and feeling better than usual....still have these grumblings in my gut and these squeeters....i just haven't gotten to loving them like a good yogi should.

good night to you all.

unimportant to you....but it seems i remembered incorrectly....i can check more than two bags...so i should be more than fine coming home with all my luggage.

Think I'm going to the market with Bob tomorrow to see if Taj can sew my torn piece of luggage.


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