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Okay, it’s February 24, my sister’s birthday and halfway through our time here in the quite lovely Oceanside city of Puri. My 9 days of diarrhea may be coming to some kind of close so I’ve begun taking a bit of food and water and tea. My sprained ankle (2 days ago) from falling down a step is recovering nicely as is my respiratory hacking etc. Gee, I’m sure I’ll be fine in no time. More important is that my mental and emotion state of mind is world’s improved from the first 2 weeks behind me. It’s due to many things but now that I’ve got things righted in my mind and I have a plan of how to live day to day with this group and our guiding Guru, it’s a huge confusion come to an end I believe. Now, if I were to encounter any additional physical difficulties it would not have a fraction of the impact of distress on me as all the stuff previous. Sure, hours on end having diarrhea half naked in an open field with locals and our group gazing was quite the life experience to start this spiritual tour off but truly it was nothing in comparison to the distress of relinquishing my brain to a group and a guru when none of it was making any sense.  Now it’s not that anything is particularly different except my shift in how I’m looking at it all and choosing to deal with it.


So, for some good news…the weather is beautiful, the skies-sunrises and sets and night stars and moon, the crashing waves, the activity on the beach 24 hours a day are all lovely. The time we spent at a special ashram was/is meaningful to me.  About a half an hour ago I had my fourth coconut…water and then if lucky, the jelly/meat. Today’s was my best yet.


It’s time to head out for a 3:30 meditation with the group on the beach. I do not have internet access here….we’ll see about that later.


The quasi plan is to stay here in Puri (at an ashram) until the 26th. Then we head to Varanasi but that will take a couple of days.


Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. All is fine. I’m finally getting some peace…inner and outer.





It’s now the 25th and I’m in my room in Puri after probably 4 hours of bus ride to nowhere as we head out to a destination but it was a cluster and we ended up coming back…..totally completely avoidable but I’ve come to learn to take this type of this totally in stride and use the time to meditate or at least to work really hard at taking it totally in stride and with a meditative mind. This could be part of my work here because so much time is consumed with what I would normally consider a total waste of time and poor planning and execution and unnecessary creation of stress for a group that one must figure out a way to deal with it if one chooses to continue to be a part of it, which up until now I have, though it’s just been over the past couple of days that I’ve come to any peace over it. Makes a big difference. So, if I can deal with this type of perceived chaos and unintelligence with a real inner peace, anything life throws at me back home should be a walk in a divine park.

Still very little time to be alone so again…an opportunity to do mental work to ‘be’ someplace else than where I physically am. Currently my roommate, one of the four of us who all share a bed…actually two beds pushed together…she is going over homework with her 10 year old son. I’d like to be taking a nap right now without this fluorescent light on and without this fan on, alone, but that’s not in the cards right now, right here, so I thought I’d write and if I have time afterwards, I’ll go find a space, a room, somewhere to try to get that nap. Then, I plan to submerge myself in the great ocean here. The Bay of Bengal. I’ll dry off in the hot sun, head back to the ashram for a meditation, wash my clothes, wash my body and get myself prepared for traveling tomorrow though I won’t be surprised if we don’t actually stick to that plan of travel.


This evening I will venture out to find an internet connection point. I’ve done a wee bit of scouting.


I slept on the roof last night with the boys including Scott. Concrete is harder than earth.


I’m good, doing well but rarely find myself in a moment that I’m self directing. Like I’d have wanted to sleep in a few hours this morning then go to the water etc. etc. But I still work around some of the quasi schedules with the group. You see, I want to eat with the group and meditate and sit in on classes with the group and go on tours with the group but the way it’s not organized makes it very difficult to do anything else in between those times except to sit around and be at the ready.


Just exiting the bus earlier was taking so incredibly long this afternoon after returning from our trip to nowhere that Scott and I walked ahead of the group back to the ashram and missed out on getting another coconut. Not such a big deal but it demonstrates my point. I’d like to have had one, but you have to stand around forever just in case our leadership decides to DO something like have coconuts. I cope these days by doing some of my own thing. I swiped an orange into my room the other day so I ate that. It’s not exactly the rules but not wholly against them either. Guess I haven’t explained all the rules…quite a few of them, but on the other hand for an ashram group, they don’t follow many typical ashram rules. I’ll explain when I get home….or not.


Each day I see new things which are totally India and interact with new people and I very much enjoy it. The open air crematorium where family members sit watch over the burning of the body of their loved ones, which onlooking cows of course. New tropical vegetation, lizards, monkeys, oxen, brown sheep today. Lots of lepers today begging. I don’t know why so many today versus other days. Last night on the beach, some men were pretty aggressive in either their gawking and begging, but I’m still pretty comfortable with most all that I’ve had to encounter.


I’m still coughing and hoping I’ll see the end of that soon. The digestive system seems mucho better yesterday and today….after 9 days of wee bits of rice and boiled potatoes, it’s pretty nice to eat some other stuff now. Man, it would be nice not to experience any of that upset again during this trip.


I’m itching my bug bites. Lots of people are totally eaten up.


I still need to find myself a large piece of luggage to replace the tearing one I have and to hold the sleeping bag and all my stuff so I’ll get everything into two checked bags at the airport on the way back which isn’t for awhile but I’m looking for a bag now. A friend used electrical tape on my bag to try to help it.


Good friends I made here have gone home now. Originally from Guyana, they live in Canada…we all feel that we will connect again. She, Utra, gave me an Indian – style outfit before she left. I tried it on and many nice comments came from that but I haven’t worn it out yet. I will. It’s very easy to wear and feels totally comfortable to dress like locals why I’m here, even at home it’d be easy. Today, my roommate gave me a decorative hankerchief she picked up in Delhi. More and more we really are feeling and acting like a community, a family. It just happens. It’s all good. It’s interesting. Amazing how many different ways one can live one’s life and where and with whom.


Our guru offered to meet with us individually and answer questions etc. I quickly wrote 10 of mine and got them to him last night…we talked briefly about them and we are to reconvene today…or sometime to go into more depth on them all. I’m very much looking forward to this. No real expectations, except that I’m eager for the conversations.


The word about today’s trip was that we were supposed to have visited a wildlife areas with elephants and lots of migratory birds. Feels like we should try that again tomorrow and just leave a day later. No one is eager for another moment on our red bus, but with most things, it’s amazing how one adapts to life. It’s now OUR bus, and I could so see people cheering and thanking the thing for getting us everywhere (not an easy task on this journey) around India safely…or almost safely and we’ve had lots of mishaps.


Hmmm…..looking at the time, thinking about the rest of this day.


By the way, doing laundry has been going just fine except for my jeans….jeans not conducive to things here and so difficult to scrub….I’ll have to try to wash them again when I feel like I have more strength. That, and my white jacket…I know, I know….I was willing to get it really dirty or destroyed but….this is something else….it disappeared for awhile ( this is common here) and when reappeared…well, I don’t know what it went through….I bet it could write it’s own blog….I need to try to clean it.


Today when we got off the bus to eat on the side of the road….well, I ended up sitting on someone’s spilled food… I then tried to clean my pants while wearing them while on the side of the road…’s always something. I haven’t looked at my but to see how successful I was at getting out the stain.


I think I sense that someone made tea….hoping it’s for all of us….think I’ll go check. I’ll try to grab some gore.  Don’t know how to spell it….hunks of cane sugar candy they eat with tea.


Talk to you later.



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